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Council selects eight applicants to interview for vacancy

LYNNWOOD—After reviewing 22 applications and supplemental information, the Lynnwood City Council during their July 1 Work Session, selected eight applicants to interview to fill the vacancy left Councilwoman Shirley Sutton

Council vacancy

Tuesday, July 9 Special Work Session Interviews: 

  • Ki Seung Cho 
  • Derica Esamilla 
  • Keton Handy 
  • Gray Petersen 
  • Lisa Soros 

Wednesday, July 10 Special Work Session Interviews: 

  • Lu Jiang 
  • Bob Larsen 
  • Simreet Dhaliwal 

The interview schedule has been randomized and each applicant will have 30 minutes to answer the City Council’s pre-determined interview questions. The interviews will be conducted in open session and the public is welcome to attend, watch live, or view the recording available on the City’s website the following day.  

At the conclusion of interviews on Wednesday, July 10, the City Council may adjourn to an Executive Session to discuss the qualifications of the candidates.  

Following the Executive Session, Council Members will cast three rounds of votes.

In the first round, Council will express their support for their top candidate out loud. The top candidate will receive three points per Councilmember vote. In the second round, Council will express their support for their second candidate out loud. The second candidate will receive two points per Councilmember vote. In the third round, Council will express their support for their third candidate out loud. The third candidate will receive one point per Councilmember vote. 

The City Clerk will tally the results and identify the top three candidates. Councilmembers will then cast a final vote to select the appointee. The City Clerk will ask each Councilmember who their choice is. In the event no finalist receives four or more votes, the finalist with the least number of votes will be removed from the list of finalists. The process will then be repeated until a finalist receives four or more votes. The Mayor will then ask for a motion to appoint that person. 

During the July 15 Work Session, the appointee will take their Oath of Office and be seated to fill the Lynnwood Council vacancy immediately. 

SOURCE: Lynnwood City Council Government

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