April 19, 2024 2:41 am

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Lynnwood City Council Approves $100k for COVID-19

Lynnwood City Council 100k

Lynnwood City Council approves additional $100,000 for community COVID-19 relief. By: Erin Freeman | Lynnwood Times Staff At the September 14 business meeting, the Lynnwood City Council voted and unanimously approved to increase the city’s community relief fund contract award with the Community of Color Coalition (C3), increasing the disbursement of CARES Act funds to […]

Salary Commission deadline extended and C3 awarded contract to disperse COVID relief

lynnwood city council

By Katrina Kukhar | Lynnwood Times Staff On July 6, the Lynnwood City Council held a short special business meeting to vote on extending the Salary Commission deadline to complete its analysis and awarding a contract to Communities of Color Coalition (C3), a non-profit organization, for the disbursement of $200,000 in relief funds to Lynnwood […]

Local restaurants participate in curbside lunch giveaway

Caravan Kebab

by Luke Putvin | Lynnwood Times Staff On May 2, 14 restaurants across Snohomish County participated in the Curbside Lunch Giveaway. The lunch was to further promote the 2020 Census and make sure everyone participates. Additionally, the event acted as a promotion of small restaurants and businesses that have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. […]

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