April 20, 2024 1:22 pm

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Don Benton leads Trump to another expected Washington state victory

Trump washington state

BELLEVUE—As numbers continue to come in from Republican caucuses held on January 13, the 45th President of the United States, Donald J Trump, maintains his 2-to-1 lead over fellow contenders in Washington state. “It appears that Donald J Trump has swept the caucuses in Washington state with 65-70% of the delegates supporting him,” former Senator […]

It’s a bust, latest effort to remove Trump from WA State Primary Ballot fails

Trump primary ballot

OLYMPIA—A Thurston County Superior Court judge ruled today, January 18, that the 45th President of the United States, Donald J Trump, is to remain on the Washington state’s Presidential Primary Ballot. “We won,” Jim Walsh, Chair of the Washington State Republican Party said today in video posting on X regarding the judge’s ruling exclaimed. “The […]

Judge declines case to remove Trump from Washington state ballot

Trump ballot

KITSAP COUNTY—Kitsap County Superior Court Judge Jeffrey Bassett has decline to hear a case Tuesday, January 16, that would consider removing 45th United States President, Donald J Trump, from Washington’s presidential primary ballot this upcoming March, stating Kitsap County was simply the “wrong venue.” The case is still open, however, with the Judge plans to move […]

Donald J Trump wins Iowa Caucus, DeSantis edges out Haley

iowa caucus

DES MOINES, IOWA—With 95% of the precincts counted, the 45th President of the United States, Donald J Trump, won the Iowa Caucus with 51%, 29.8 points from the nearest contender. The margin of victory is the largest Republican Iowa Caucus win in its history. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis received 21.2% of the vote with former […]

Trump and Reichert expected winners of WA State Republican caucus

Republican caucus

BELLEVUE—Thousands of Republicans across Washington state endured freezing temperatures on Saturday, January 13, to participate in grassroots democracy—a statewide caucus— with hopes of becoming a delegate who will not only endorse candidates for statewide and federal offices, but also cast their vote for their preferred presidential candidate at the 2024 Republican National Convention. “This is […]

Republicans to nominate delegates at precinct caucuses this weekend

republicans caucuses

EVERETT—Republicans across Washington state will be heading to local precinct caucuses on Saturday, January 13, with hopes of becoming a delegate for their presidential candidate at the 2024 Republican National Convention. “The criticality of these caucuses is essential to Republican Party wins,” Bill Cooper, newly elected Chair of the Snohomish County Republican Party told the […]

WA Democrats announce 2024 Presidential Primary candidate list

Presidential Primary

SEATTLE—Today, the Washington State Democratic Party announced the three candidates who will appear on the March 12, 2024, Presidential Primary ballot. Candidates qualifying submitted a filing fee to the State of Washington, paperwork declaring their candidacy, and 1,000 signatures from Washingtonians supporting their candidacy, verified by the Secretary of State. The Democratic candidates who will […]

Ballot names submitted for Washington State 2024 Presidential Primary

2024 Presidential Primary

OLYMPIA—With the countdown to the hotly contested General Election underway, both Democratic and Republican parties have submitted their names for the 2024 Presidential Primary ballot. The Washington State Republican Party (WSRP) has confirmed with the Lynnwood Times that the five candidate names for its 2024 Presidential Primary ballot are: The 45th President of the United […]

Secretary of State for Maine unilaterally disqualifies Trump from Primary Ballot

maine trump

AUGUSTA, Maine—The Maine Secretary of State, Shenna Bellows (D), unilaterally ruled on December 28 that the 45th President of the United States and leading GOP Presidential nominee, Donald J Trump, is disqualified from the state’s 2024 Primary Ballot under Section Three of the Fourteenth Amendment. “I do not reach this conclusion lightly. Democracy is sacred… […]

The Twitter Files: The suppression of the Hunter Biden laptop

twitter files

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., December 4, 2022—Matt Taibbi, under the blessing of Twitter CEO Elon Musk, released a plethora of emails involving Twitter employees suppressing the October 2020 article by the New York Post regarding then-Vice President Joe Biden’s son’s, Hunter Biden, abandoned laptop containing tens of thousands of emails alleging corrupt business dealings between the […]

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