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County Council adopts Nehring and Mead plan to electrify county fleet

electric fleet

EVERETT, Wash., November 5, 20201 – On Wednesday morning, the Snohomish County Council voted 5-0 to adopt a fleet electrification plan which was jointly proposed by Councilmembers Nate Nehring and Jared Mead. This carbon-reduction proposal includes a policy change and funding allocation dedicated to transitioning 96 county vehicles toward electrification in the coming years. As […]

Sheriff’s Office “rolls ahead” to add electric patrol vehicles to its fleet

electric patrol vehicle

SNOHOMISH COUNTY, Wash, September 21, 2021 – The Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office announced on June 8 that it will search for an all-electric patrol vehicle to add to its fleet and help promote clean energy.  Currently Sherriff’s Office personnel drive 3.5 million miles per year using the existing 250 patrol vehicles, 30 of which are […]

Innovations in aerospace: Science fiction becoming reality

innovation in aerospace

Washington D.C. – Science Fiction often depicts the year 2000 as a year of flying cars, artificial intelligence, and autonomous computers. Although it may seem like we are a long way from realizing the Jetsons vision of 2062, recent innovations in the U.S. aerospace industry indicate that the future may be closer than most would […]

Mass production of the all-electric truck is here

all-electric truck

Dodge parent-company Stellantis recently announced that the automotive manufacturer plans to release an all-electric Ram 1500 truck in 2024. This is just the latest in a growing field of all-electric trucks. Here’s a look at some of the contenders. Ford caught a lot of attention toward the end of May when they unveiled the all-electric […]

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