July 23, 2024 7:08 am

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New laws to deal with arrests at courthouses, hairstyles and domestic worker treatment

By Leona Vaughn  |  WNPA News Service HB 2567 prohibits warrantless arrests within one mile of a court facility HB 2602 includes certain hair textures in laws against racial discrimination  HB 2511 protects domestic workers from discrimination  Several bills poised to become signed into law this session would directly affect many Washington residents. House Bill […]

Controversial Sex Ed Bill awaits Inslee’s signature

Sex Ed Washington state

By Leona Vaughn  |  WNPA News Service Democratic-controlled Washington state Legislature passes SB 5395 requiring schools to include comprehensive sex education The Bill upholds the right of parents to review the curriculum and opt their children out of any portion of the instruction. Supporters say sex education will benefit students by giving them a greater […]

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