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Jews and Christians rally demanding UW end antisemitism on campus


SEATTLE—Approximately 500 attended a “United for Israel March” at the University of Washington, led by Pursuit Church NW, on Sunday, May 12, to take a stand against antisemitism that is plaguing the university’s campus. They were met with less than 200 pro-Hamas counter protesters whose faces were covered. The rally and following march were peaceful. […]

Israel utilizes artificial intelligence in warfare against Gaza

artificial intelligence

GAZA, Palestine—The Israeli military has begun to use artificial intelligence in its relentless assault of the Gaza strip where its forces have struck at least 22,000 targets since it besieged the territory in retaliation for the Hamas-led terrorist attacks on October 7. The artificial intelligence system is called “the Gospel” and is used to select […]

Consulate of Israel releases grisly video footage of Hamas terrorist attack


SEATTLE, Wash., December 1, 2023—The Consulate of Israel to the Pacific Northwest in San Francisco visited the Jewish Family Services center in Seattle Thursday, November 30, to share with select journalists a grizzly reel of footage detailing the horrific nature of the Hamas October 7 terrorist attack against Israel. The roughly 45-minute, video is arranged […]

Son of Hamas founder stands with Israel at Snohomish event amidst statewide protests

israel hamas

SNOHOMISH, Wash., November 20, 2023—Son of Hamas author and former member of the controversial Palestinian group Hamas, Masab Hassan Yousef, spoke at Pursuit NW Church in Snohomish Monday, November 5, condemning the attacks of his former resistance movement and showing his support for Israel. “I’m not an advocate for the Jewish people or anyone – […]

Snohomish County Council adopts IHRA definition of antisemitism

antisemitism definition

SNOHOMISH COUNTY, Wash., January 18, 2023—The Snohomish County Council unanimously approves resolution 2023-0072 adopting the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance working definition of antisemitism today, January 18, at its General Legislative Session.  John Michael Graves, with StandWithUs, an international educational organization, spoke in favor of the resolution, sharing a time when he walked to his favorite […]

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