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Cultivating the practice of NON-JUDGMENT

Mindful Monday

Non-judgment is one of the pillars of mindfulness. It is included in the 7 Foundational Attitudes ,which if cultivated leads to many others. When it comes to living more mindfully, I find that practicing an attitude of non-judgment towards myself and the world around me is the most difficult. However, it also provides the biggest […]

Verdant classes include virtual diabetes prevention, cooking demos in September

verdant september classes

The Verdant Health Commission’s class offerings in September include virtual programs to support a healthy lifestyle, opportunities to explore cuisines from other parts of the world, and more. Learn more or pre-register for classes by visiting Verdant’s website at http://verdanthealth.org. VIRTUAL – Preventing Type 2 Diabetes: Take Control with a Lifestyle Reset If you have […]

Holding gratefulness and grief

Mindful Monday

Let’s face it, as a community and as individuals, we are experiencing a mixed bag of emotions right now.  We may be grateful for a paycheck, shelter, friends and family to reach out to, food options and our health. Or we may actually be grieving a lack of income, companionship, and threats to our housing […]

7 essential selfcare tips for ‘Know-it-Alls’ during COVID-19

Mindful Monday

By Lisa Wellington | Lynnwood Times Contributor COVID Confessional: I’m a know it all.  I know that. And when it comes to selfcare I have an honorary PhD from the School of Me. During recent months I have consumed mountains of books, articles, videos and TED Talks on what you need to know about selfcare during […]

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