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Doing my ‘Shannon Thing,’ Shannon Sessions kicks off her 2019 campaign

By Mario Lotmore

With the weather sunny and the smell of smoked BBQ in the air, just over 60 supporters joined Lynnwood Councilmember Shannon Sessions at Big T’s Moonshine-BBQ for her 2019 election kickoff on Thursday, June 13.

Big-T’s Moonshine-BBQ is owned by the Sprague Family, one of the original settlers of Lynnwood. “The reason for choosing the Moonshine-BBQ was because it is a grassroot business,” said Sessions. “I support Lynnwood businesses.”

Wallie Webster, a 41-year resident of Lynnwood and supporter of Sessions, wants voters to know, “Shannon is outstanding and truly dedicated to the progress of the city; not only in words but also in deeds.  I have known her for twenty years and respect both her integrity and honesty as a person.”

Webster added, “Because of her [Sessions] experience, she has the ability to manage and has the vision to understand where the city is heading in the future.”

When asked what’s next on the campaign trail, Sessions said, “Now it’s time to do my ‘Shannon Thing.’ I walk through life as a genuine, honest, loving and transparent person.”  She wants voters to know she is a “doer” and that our “community matters.”

To learn more are Sessions and her campaign visit, www.shannonsessions.com or email her campaign at electshannonsessions@gmail.com.

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