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Lynnwood City Council and Snohomish County General Election Results

Note: We will be updating results as soon as they are released and candidate statements as soon as they are provided.

Last Update: November 18, 9:00 P.M.

Lynnwood City Council and Snohomish County General Election Results– Currently, 8,521 Lynnwood ballots have been counted. With 20,488 registered voters in the city, this is is a voter turnout rate of 41.59%. The current turnout for Snohomish County on the whole is currently 42.67% with 203,080 ballots counted and 475,897 registered voters.

Below are the current results for the Lynnwood City Council races as well as the County Council, County Treasurer, County Auditor, County Sheriff and Superior Court Judge races.

Lynnwood City Council Position 4 Results

Jim Smith60.25% (4,459 votes)
Van AuBuchon39.12% (2,895 votes)

Jim Smith provided this statement:

“I am overwhelmed by the wide support that we have received during this election. Thank you to all the voters that believed in our campaign and ideals. Let me also thank all the other candidates that participated in this election. Their decision to participate in the democratic process is commendable. And I am very pleased about another important win during this election. Our team was dedicated to a program we called “Ditching Plastic Feels Fantastic”. We did not clutter our right of ways with plastic signs. This put us at a disadvantage, but the voters of Lynnwood have now proven that you can win an election without hurting the environment! Again, a warm thank you to all of the citizens that supported our campaign. Here’s to a great 2020!”

Lynnwood City Council Position 5 Results | Snohomish County General Election Results

Julieta Altamirano-Crosby57.97% (4,304 votes)
David “Doc” Schirle41.51% (3,082 votes)

Julieta Altamirano-Crosby provided this statement:

“We are so happy that the voters of Lynnwood heard our message and responded in such a positive manner.  I want to thank God for giving me this opportunity, my amazing husband and daughter, my parents and our hard-working supporters for making this victory happen.  I pledge to continue the work that I began nearly 20 years ago — my work of providing a voice across all communities of Lynnwood, so that more families can feel included in this city that wants all to feel welcome.”

Lynnwood City Council Position 6 Results | Snohomish County General Election Results

George Hurst57.65% (4,196 votes)
Nick Coelho41.85% (3,046 votes)

George hurst provided this statement: “Thank you to everyone who took the time to vote in this election.  And of course, thank you to those who supported my campaign and endorsed my call for fiscal responsibility on the City Council.  I look forward to serving the residents of Lynnwood in the coming years.”

Nick Coelho provided this statement: “While our campaign didnt quite squeak through, I am thrilled at the reception I received from Lynnwood’s residents as a new comer to politics. I want to congratulate George on running a successful campaign, and am excited to get back to the hard work of bettering our parks and making the city a welcoming place for all.”

Lynnwood City Council Position 7 Results

Shannon Sessions60.94% (4,515 votes)
Shirley Sutton38.55% (2,856 votes)

Shannon Sessions provided this statement:

“I’m so grateful for the voters’ positive feedback and support for another term! The next four years will be extremely important for the future of our growing city and I’m humbled to be given the opportunity to represent Lynnwood residents again with high integrity, earnest, careful discernment and positivity. I love this community I serve. I’m also extremely excited for Julieta Altamirano Crosby and Jim Smith to join the team.”

Snohomish County Council Position 3 Results

Stephanie Wright81.58% (28,182 votes)
Willie Russell17.48% (6,040 votes)

Snohomish County Treasurer Results

Rob Toyer49.41% (85,078 votes)
Brian Sullivan50.15% (86,355 votes)

Snohomish County Auditor Results

Garth Fell51.02% (86,261 votes)
Cindy Gobel48.48% (81,972 votes)

Snohomish County Sheriff Results

Ty Trenary44.23% (78,285 votes)
Adam Fortney55.37% (97,996 votes)

Superior Court Judge 7 Results

Anna Alexander51.04% (86,616 votes)
Edirin Okoloko48.48% (82,268 votes)

Anna Alexander provided this statement: “Over much of the past year, I have campaigned for Judge because of my strong desire to make a positive difference for our community. Campaigns are difficult. But now that the election is over, I hope we can all work together for the benefit of the citizens of Snohomish County.”

Edirin Okoloko provided this statement: “Since being appointed to serve the people of Snohomish County as a Superior Court Judge over a year ago, I have worked hard every day to bring to my work the integrity and civility people have a right to expect in their judges.  As I campaigned across all parts of the county this year, it has been my honor to connect with people who valued my long devotion to public service.  Participating in festivals and parades in every part of the county was hard work for my campaign team but a true joy for me and my family.  Thank you for welcoming us into your celebrations and conversations.  Above all else, I tried to run an honest campaign because I believe the voters deserve nothing less — especially in a judicial race.  While my defeat in this election saddens many of us, it has been my honor to serve.  Thank you to those who gave me this opportunity.”

Superior Court Judge 14 Results

Paul W. Thompson54.94% (90,228 votes)
Cassandra Lopez-Shaw43.30% (73,172 votes)

Paul Thompson provided this statement: “Voters often have a difficult time getting enough information about judges to make informed choices at election time.  So I took nothing for granted this year and got around to as many parts of the county as possible, talking to people, hearing their concerns, and also trying educate voters about the complex work our judges do every day.  I am grateful that this effort paid off and that I have retained my position on the bench.  I will be required to run for re-election again next year and hope to have the support of the people of Snohomish County again.  Thank you for the confidence you have shown in me.”

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