Census Bureau now recruiting for 2020 census operations

The U.S. Census Bureau is now recruiting temporary Census Takers in Snohomish County, Washington in advance of its Nonresponse Followup Operation for the 2020 Census.

The pay rate is $20 per hour and applications can be made online at

The primary purpose of the Nonresponse Followup Operation is to count people in person at housing units who have not self-responded to the decennial census questionnaire.  Census Takers visit and enumerate those households.  This operation requires more field workers than any other operation for the national population count which occurs every 10 years.  Nonresponse Followup is an integral part of the 2020 Census program that ensures a complete and accurate count.

The decennial count influences how more than $675 billion from more than 100 federal programs are distributed to states and localities each year.

For more information about 2020 Census jobs, call 1-855-JOB-2020.

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