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Snohomish County Economic Recovery Task Force working to jumpstart economy

By Kent Patton | Snohomish County Press Release

Executive Somers and Council Chair Nehring formally launch economic recovery efforts

SNOHOMISH COUNTY, Wash., April 21, 2020 – Snohomish County Executive Dave Somers and County Council Chair Nate Nehring held the first Snohomish County Economic and Workforce Recovery Task Force, laying the groundwork for economic recovery. The Task Force’s inaugural meeting set in motion a collaborative approach to rebuilding both the county’s economy and its workforce by businesses, governments and non-profits. The 29-member Task Force is co-chaired by Ray Stephanson, former Mayor of Everett, and Amy Drewel of Mosaic Insurance, LLC, and is charged with providing short and long-term plans for the county to assist the private sector and impacted employees as they recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Executive Somers emphasized the important work the Task Force will be embarking on to plan for and support economic recovery in the county.

“The suddenness of our economic downturn is something none of us has ever experienced.  We know that there are significant challenges to restarting our economy,” said Somers.  “By working together we can develop a data-driven strategy to respond to the needs of our employers and employees. We also must take advantage of any new opportunities.  This truly is a countywide approach, a whole-of-government and a whole-of-county effort.  Our resiliency and partnerships will set us on the path toward recovery.” 

The “Blue Ribbon” Task Force was formed to be action-oriented with representation by those impacted by COVID-19, including large and small businesses and industry associations from across the county. In addition, an Advisory Group is being established to complement the Task Force. The Advisory Group is a key mechanism to ensure the Task Force hears what is happening on the ground, gains the most accurate information in real time, and learns about the most innovative ideas from all corners of the county and beyond.  An Advisory Group will be formed in each County Council district by the relevant Councilmember, and each Advisory Group will be responsible for helping the Task Force understand what our local communities need. The Advisory Group plans to have representation from our cities, Tribes, educational institutions, labor organizations, and non-profits partners. Council Chair Nate Nehring will serve as the Advisory Group Chair and coordinate the work between the Advisory Groups and the Task Force.

“The wave of economic disruption from COVID-19 has hit every corner of our county and region,” said Chair Nehring. “In order to determine how we can best support the private sector and get everyone back to work, we need broad-based input from every street corner, neighborhood, and office park. We want to ensure that government doesn’t hinder business recovery but instead is doing everything in its power to help.”

The Office of Economic Recovery and Resiliency will support the Economic and Workforce Recovery Task Force.  The Office website contains important information about the COVID-19 outbreak as well as resources for businesses, workers impacted by business layoffs, and the general public. A Chat Bot on the site can answer frequently asked questions. If you have additional questions, you may contact the Office at 425-338-3800 or email at SnohomishCountyRecovers@snoco.org.

Economic and Workforce Recovery Task Force Members

Dave Somers Snohomish County Executive
Nate Nehring Snohomish County Council Chair
Amy Drewel (Co-Chair) MOSAIC
Ray Stephanson (Co-Chair) Former Mayor of Everett
Emily Wittman Aerospace Futures Alliance
John Dickson Coastal Community Bank
Jason Gamble Comcast
Emmett Heath Community Transit
Sara Hyatt Construction Business Owner
Shannon Affholter Consultant
Dom Amor Economic Alliance Snohomish County
Dr. Amit Singh Edmonds College
Dr. Daria Willis Everett Community College
Elizabeth Reed Interface Technologies Northwest
Ryan Crowther Leadership Snohomish County
Brian Holtzclaw Master Builders Association
Barb Tolbert Mayor of Arlington
Cassie Franklin Mayor of Everett
Blair Corson Outdoor Adventure Center
Crystal Donner PERTEET
Lisa Lefeber Port of Everett
Krista Morehead Small Business (Granite Falls)
Kent Kultgen Snohomish School District
Lois Thompson Sno-Isle Libraries
Allison Warren- Barbour United Way of Snohomish County
Ryan McIrvin University of Washington- Bothell
Dr. Paul Pitre Washington State University
Joy Emery Workforce Snohomish
Peyton Tune YMCA- Snohomish County

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