Seven recipients to recieve Cadre II scholarship

By Trinity Education Foundation | Press Release

Everett, WA – April 30, 2020 – Through its Trinity Scholars Program, Trinity Education Foundation is again honored to sponsor the Act Six/Saint Martin’s University Scholarship. This four-year, full-ride scholarship is awarded to deserving students from underserved communities who excel in school, community service, demonstrate a drive to succeed in life, and are ready to give back to their community.

This year, seven students have been chosen from hundreds of applications submitted for the annual scholarship. What makes this scholarship unique is the students attend school as a Cadre – working together to support each other throughout their undergraduate journey with an emphasis on leadership and service.

In addition to receiving a full-ride for four years, Trinity Education Foundation will provide professional coaching and vocational guidance throughout their undergraduate journey. Working in conjunction with Act Six and St. Martin’s University (SMU), the Foundation will provide both practical and spiritual direction to support each student in the development of their true gifts, calling, and life purpose.

These seven exemplary scholars will begin their studies at SMU in the fall. Last year’s initial cadre of seven students is currently finishing up their freshman year at the university.

2020 TEF Act Six Cadre II:

Scott Abdwaan, Business Major. “A college education would help me develop the skills to spark change in my community.”

Marissa Escobedo, Exercise Science Major. “With a college education, I will be able to pass on the skills I learn as a student to those in the generation that follows.”

Yuan Angelo Fernandez, Psychology Major. “I want to be a Counseling Psychologist/Therapist that specializes in working with minorities and the LGBT+ community, learning about different people and their diverse backgrounds will help me make the greatest impact I can.”

Imahni Hawkins, Psychology Major. “Through the support of my friends, family, academic coach, and community, I have stuck to my journey of acquiring higher education while still in high school. I am going to graduate high school with almost two years’ worth of college credit.

Kelene Mandefro, Nursing Major. ”I want to understand other people’s struggles and be able to help them overcome the obstacles that prevent them from thriving in this world.”

Bernand Mariano, Jr. Nursing Major. “Working in the Nursing field will give me the ability to physically tend to the needs of the people within my community.”

Jose Rodriguez, Computer Science Major. “I hope to receive a proper knowledge in the STEM field and pass it down to my community.“

About Trinity Education Foundation

Trinity Education Foundation is a Christian scholarship fund providing vital financial support, with professional coaching and guidance, for students attending accredited Christian colleges/ universities in the Northwest; continuing in the tradition established by Trinity Lutheran College and Lutheran Bible Institute of helping young people find and fulfill their God-given calling. Scholarships are awarded to students of diverse backgrounds, including many financially challenged, and first-generation college students. Additional information on Trinity Education Foundation and the scholarships they offer can be found at

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