May 19, 2024 11:04 am

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Inslee authorizes L&I to penalize businesses that violate his Safe Start Plan

By Tim Church |  L&I Director of Communications

  • Update 12:30 p.m. May 28: A workplace safety citation that could carry a fine of nearly $10,000 or more.

Washington businesses that decide to open or operate in direct violation of Gov. Inslee’s Stay Home, Stay Healthy order may be cited and fined for unsafe workplace conditions under emergency rules filed today by the state Department of Labor & Industries.

The closure order and the Safe Start Plan to reopen businesses are in place to keep workers and the public safe and to prevent the spread of the easily transmissible coronavirus.

The emergency rules, enacted at the direction of the Governor, take effect immediately. They give the Department of Labor & Industries (L&I) the authority to cite businesses for being open or for operating in a way that is purposely defying the phased-in approach and, as a result, putting their workers at risk.

“We’re all in this together, and most businesses are doing the right thing for our state and our communities. Unfortunately, there are some that are choosing not to,” said L&I Director Joel Sacks. “The coronavirus is a known workplace hazard and businesses must follow the requirements to keep their workers and the public safe.”

Protecting worker safety and ensuring a level playing field

L&I will work with the state Emergency Operations Center to take in and respond to complaints about businesses that are operating illegally. If employers are found to be defying the Governor’s order, they’ll be informed and directed to close or adjust operations immediately. If they do not, they’ll face a workplace safety citation that could carry a fine of nearly $10,000 or more.

Along with contacting businesses by phone and in writing, L&I will perform in-person spot checks on some of the businesses to make sure they are following through and complying with the Safe Start requirements. It’s not fair to employers who are following the law when other businesses defy it. L&I’s role will complement efforts by the Liquor and Cannabis Board and other state licensing and permitting agencies.

Stay informed

The nature of the outbreak changes daily so it’s important for everyone to have the most current information. L&I has a COVID-19 webpage, and there’s important information on the state Coronavirus Response (COVID-19) site. There’s also an online form for people to report suspected violations of the Governor’s orders regarding essential business functions, evictions, and social distancing.

Information is the best resource to protect workers and the public. L&I urges employers to stay as informed as possible, and to take all measures necessary to keep Washington workers safe and healthy.

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15 Responses

  1. Translation: “Sorry. We blew all our tax money on illegal immigrants, suing President Trump every time he takes a breath, and releasing prisoners early for no reason. Thanks to the opportunity of COVID-19, we plan to recover those losses by imposing enormous fines on law abiding citizens.” – Emperor Inslee.

    1. Fine Translation that is! My name is Cameron Vessey and i’m Running For Governor. The Problem with the left is they don’t understand what keeps their Door’s open. As a Business owner knowing the life blood of one business is vital. Whether it’s cash flow or customer service. whether it’s a superior product or or the best price in town. When a Business loses Track of what got it there.. its soon to fall. Their is no Golden government that Survives with out the Private sector .. One of my Favorite Democratizes Reminded us, Tulsi Gabberd, America is of the people for the people by the people !! Wealth is not a pie to be argued over.. it a plant to be grown adn created and replanted to grow again. My name is Cameron Vessey all i ask is you hold my beer .. Because I got this

  2. Screw Jay Inslee. Every single business should open simultaneously and see what he or L&I can do about it. Everyone stop listening to this leftist hack.

    1. Sounds like a great idea until you loose your home. Taking away a business license alone is a death wish for businesses.


      2. Are small businesses still solvent when King Inslee devides to reopen them? Some already padlocked their doors for good when he declared his stay policy home policy. He is ruining the states evonomy
        The unemployment rate is already out of control and where.would employees work so they can pay rent.and.feed their families. Does he.even understand how business work? He has a roof over his head at taxpayers expense. He totally put of touch.

    2. My name is Cameron Vessey adn i’m running for governor from Spokane Wa. I say Yes .. City counsels big and small should come together from Grand view to Colville from Port Angeles to Spokane From Vancouver to Walla Walla Should set some ground rules and there own Dates and promise to support there citizenry with their officer’s and their judges. King Inslee is ruling like a communist government would Centralized and tyrannical. As governor our rights are of the highest public safety concern and would be protected by me as Your governor. Stay Strong, Stay peaceful ..just hold my Beer and vote for me .. Because I got this !

  3. My name is Cameron Vessey and I’m Running for Governor of Washington. My qualifications are, I’ve lived that life! I’m about that life! From the wrong side of the tracks to a football Star, From becoming Paraplegic at 20 years old , to working for 50 million dollar company’s . From knowing the inside if Prison Walls , to the prison many suffer called homelessness and drug addiction. My life has been an odyssey. I’ve been practicing for this! I’ve been training for this!! All i ask is Hold My Beer…I GOT THIS!

  4. This guy is a hack job just a tool that thinks his word is god just like the rest of the Democratic way of thinking. Every buissneess and should open on a specific date and we will see just how far and what the state government can do about it. It’s called rising up. It’s all about control

  5. Inslee is what we used to call a “dip”, I’ll let you decide “dip what”. The sooner he’s voted out of office the better off our state will be.

    1. I agree.the nazi needs to be replaced with a Republican period.good bad dont care.but the Democrats have been bought by George Soros.a former Jewish Nazi from ww2/Steve Gantt

  6. Last time we had a revolution, it was over tea and paper. I’ve been saying for a long time. It’s time!!!

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