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Lynnwood’s 2020 Primary Election Results

By Mario Lotmore | Lynnwood Times Staff

Initial results as of 10 p.m., Tuesday, August 4, have several candidates leading to make it to the November general election.  Results are based on ballots counted as of Tuesday, Aug. 4. . Primary election results will be certified Aug. 18. The next update is set for 5 p.m. Wednesday, Aug. 5

As of the date of this article, 26.46 percent (129,034) of county-wide ballots have been returned and 27.42 percent (1,264,672) state-wide ballots have been returned.

The expected final turnout is expected to increase over the next few days. For the 2016 Primary election, the final voter turnout for Snohomish County was 33.57 percent and 34.88 percent for Washington state. Only the top two candidates qualify for the November 5 general election.

Key Focus Races Summary

Loren Culp (R) easily defeats his gubernatorial Republican challengers to face Governor Jay Inslee (D) in the General Election on November 3.

It appears that none of the four Republican candidates vying for Lt. Governor will advance to the General Election. Each candidate received between 7-12% of the vote. Denny Heck (D), is the clear front runner with nearly twice as many votes as his nearest challenger, Marko Liias.

In the Attorney General’s race, Matt Larkin (R) will face incumbent Bob Ferguson. Ferguson left his challengers in the dust with an impressive 33-point lead.

Incumbent Chris Reykdal (D), only receiving 40.26% of the vote, will face a challenging race against Maia Espinoza (R) for Superintendent of Public Instruction as the Republican votes tally over 44%.

Incumbent Jared Mead (D) easily advances to the General. Mead will face Brenda Carrington (R) for Snohomish County Council Pos. 4.

Two top democrats, Cindy Ryu and Shirley Sutton, will vie for the 32nd Legislative District Pos. 1 seat.

In the contested 44th Legislative District race, Representative John Lovick (D) will face Snohomish Mayor John Kartak (R), and Mark James (R) will face April Berg (D) in the General Election.

The Lynnwood Times reached out for candidates for statements.  Each candidate had a 100-word limit.

U.S. Congressional District 2

With regards to the U.S. Congressional District 2 race, the top two leading candidates are Rick Larsen (D) with 51.89% and Timity Hazelo (R) with 14.01%.

Rick Larsen

Larsen: While there are many more votes to be counted, I am humbled by tonight’s initial results. I will keep working hard to earn the support of 2nd District residents,” Larsen wrote in a statement to the Lynnwood Times.

Our campaign is rooted in hard work and grassroots organizing. I am grateful for the supporters and volunteers who helped make today’s positive results possible.

I am eager to continue the fight to elect Democrats and defeat Trump. Together, we can expand health care access, fight climate change and protect voting rights. I will continue to fight for working families who have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tim Hazelo

Hazelo: Thank you to the people of the 2nd CD. We are one step closer to removing Absent Rick, and to moving back in the direction of a people-centered pro-American agenda.

I want to thank all the candidates for their participation in helping to get out the vote. Anyone of us would be a step in the right direction.

Now it’s time to continue to stand up, fight and finish this race with a victory. Get behind every conservative in the general and let’s turn Washington RED!


With regards to the Governor race, the top two leading candidates are Jay Inslee (D) with 51.86% and Loren Culp (R) with 16.74%.

Jay Inslee

Inslee: It’s an honor to receive the support of Washington voters during these extraordinarily challenging times. Only by coming together as a state can we defeat this virus, reopen our economy, and build upon the progress we have made these past 8 years.

 The bold, progressive policies passed during my time as governor make us more resilient and able to rebound from our current crises with strength and a determined focus.

At such a pivotal moment, Washington state needs the opposite of Trump-style chaos. We need strong, steady leadership united around our common goals and values. I thank you for your support and look forward to hearing from all Washington voters and continuing to serve the people of our state.

Loren Culp

Culp: We did it together. Thank you all, ‘We the People’ of Washington State. When I started this campaign, they said that it couldn’t be done. [They said] you’re a small-town guy in a small town in Eastern Washington. I’m much more than that, they underestimated me; they underestimated ‘We the People.’ The work starts now.

All the republic candidates are good people; they have good intentions- to return Washington to freedom and end the 35 years of democratic control. That’s the objective, and we need to bring everyone in and work hard to that ultimate goal of kicking Jay Inslee out of office immediately. And we can do that together.

We the People’ hold the power in this state, we are the ones who are speaking. Public servants have no business telling us what to do in our individual lives and individual businesses…this campaign has never been about me. This campaign is about ‘We the People’.  

Lt. Governor

With regards to the Lt. Governor race, the top two leading candidates are Denny Heck (D) with 27.71% and Marko Liias (D) with 16.6%.

Denny Heck Washington State Lt. Governor
Denny Heck

Heck: What the results tonight show is that Washingtonians want leaders who will lead with their values, who will fight for fairness, social and racial justice, and opportunities for the most vulnerable among us. We are still in for a fight all the way up until November. We will continue to make our case that in these times of great uncertainty, it is more important than ever we have a proven progressive leader to guide us on the right path. Someone who shows up not just when it is politically expedient, but every single day.

Marko Liias Washington State Lt. Governor
Marko Liias

Liias: We are excited by these early results and believe later ballots will continue to show increasing support as younger, more progressive voters are counted. This November’s election is going to be about making needed changes from the DC insider status quo– putting hard working people and struggling families above lobbyists and special interests.

Washingtonians will unite around our barrier breaking campaign to be the first LGBTQ statewide executive in state history. The electorate will be younger, more progressive, and more reflective of the opportunities for generational change in our politics, sharing my vision for the future of our state. I’m excited for the weeks and months ahead.

Secretary of State

With regards to the Secretary of State race, the top two leading candidates are Kim Wyman (R) with 50.2% and Gael Tarleton (D) with 44.65%.

Gael Tarleton

Tarleton: Tonight, Washington voters said that the job of this office has changed. They want a Secretary of State who is prepared to defend our elections against current and emerging threats and who will stand up to Donald Trump’s attacks on our democracy.

Throughout this campaign and throughout my career, I’ve promised to protect every vote and every voter, so we’re going to wait until every vote is counted to see where we end up. But we know thisthanks to our people-powered campaign, I am going to face Kim Wyman this fall. 

Now, I’ll be honestthe next three months are going to be hard. Wyman has been in office for two terms, she’s been campaigning for this job since 2012, and she’ll have strong financial support from national and state Republicans.

I will never stop fighting to protect Washington voters, and I look forward to November.


With regards to the Treasurer race, the top two leading candidates are Mike Pellicciotti (D) with 54.05% and Duane A. Davidson (R) with 45.83%.

Mike Pellicciotti

Pellicciotti: We are excited by these results. Clearly voters are ready to get corporate campaign donation entanglements out of this important office, and want more financial transparency, hands-on management, and advocacy for working families in this difficult economic time.

We were outspent in the primary by the incumbent who hopes voters will ignore that he has only shown up for 3 of the last 20 State Investment Board pension meetings — skipping a recent Board meeting to hold a political fundraiser with bank lobbyists instead. We look forward to building upon our great results tonight.

State Auditor

With regards to the State Auditor race, the top two leading candidates are Pat (Patrice) McCarthy (D) with 48.1% and Chris Leyba (R) with 40.7%.

Leyba: I would like to thank those of you that entrusted me with your vote today. From the onset of my campaign I aimed to prove to you that I am worthwhile of challenging the incumbent. With your help I was able to take one step further towards that goal.

Attorney General

With regards to the Attorney General race, the top two leading candidates are Bob Ferguson (D) with 56.67% and Matt Larkin (R) with 23.51%.

Bob Ferguson
Bob Ferguson

Ferguson: As Attorney General, my focus is standing up for Washingtonians by holding powerful interests and corporations accountable when they don’t play by the rules. Unlike my opponent, I refuse all donations from large corporations — I work for the people. I look forward to earning the support of voters in November and continuing my work protecting Washingtonians, especially during these challenging times.

Matt Larkin
Matt Larkin

Larkin: I am thrilled to be moving on from the primary election!  It has been a long journey up until this point, but our work isn’t done yet!  Washington State has real problems that we can’t afford to ignore.  Homelessness, drug abuse and crime are skyrocketing in our state and it’s time to tackle this problem head on!  I’m grateful for all the volunteers, helpers and folks from across this great state who came out to get us over this first finish line!  Now it’s time to focus on November!  Join me and let’s roll up our sleeves and get to work cleaning up this state!

Commissioner of Public Lands

With regards to the Commissioner of Public Lands race, the top two leading candidates are Hilary Franz (D) with 51.54% and Sue Pederson (R) with 21.78%.

Superintendent of Public Instruction

With regards to the Superintendent of Public Instruction race, the top two leading candidates are Chris Reykdal (D) with 40.26% and Maia Espinoza (R) with 24%.

Chris Reykdal

Reykal: I am grateful to earn the support of voters across the state.  Voters get their General Election ballots in just over ten weeks.  They get a clear choice in this race.  I have spent my career fighting for high quality public schools and honoring the diverse needs of students and parents.  I bring experience as a classroom teacher, parent, school board member, Legislator, executive in higher education, and as State Superintendent.  We have very complex issues that we must tackle together. I will keep working hard to earn the support of my fellow Washingtonians.

Insurance Commissioner

With regards to the Insurance Commissioner race, the top two leading candidates are Mike Kreidler (D) with 60.09% and Chirayu Ratel (R) with 27.97%.

Snohomish County Pos. 4

With regards to the Snohomish County Pos. 4 race, the top two leading candidates are Jared Mead (D) with 44.6% and Brenda Carrington (R) with 29.37%.

Jared Mead

Mead: We are living through a transformational period in Snohomish County. I am proud of the progress we are making as a community to elevate voices of those who have historically been left out of our many modern challenges, including climate change, racial justice, policing, pandemic response, and ensuring Snohomish County’s economy is resilient and stable as our community grows. I look forward to continuing these conversations with voters in the general election this fall.”

Brenda Carrington

Carrington: Truly a heartfelt victory of great honor Thanks to everyone encouraging me to step up and be your voice in this race.  Our voices were heard together.

Tonight, we’re grateful for every vote showing people are ready for change. I’ll continue to work hard. There is much work ahead before November. And promise to work diligently protecting the interest of the people and our freedom. Let’s continue to strive for a better future- together we can make a difference. Thank You again your votes made it happen. Let’s win 2020 together.

Legislative 21

With regards to the Legislative 21 Pos. 1 race, the top two leading candidates are Strom H. Peterson (D) with 57.7% and Brian Thompson (R) with 33.02%.

With regards to the Legislative 21 Pos. 2 race, the top two leading candidates are Lillian Ortiz-Self (D) with 66.4% and Amy Schaper (R) with 31.15%.

Legislative 32

With regards to the Legislative 32 Pos. 1 race, the top two leading candidates are Cindy Ryu (D) with 56.96% and Shirley Sutton (D) with 28.26%.

Cindy Ryu

Ryu: The reasons behind these results are clear. Voters are seeking a candidate with a proven record to represent their needs and to act on the issues facing our state as we weather and recover from this COVID-19 pandemic. I will continue to focus on protecting education funding, ensuring the safety of our communities, safeguarding the environment, infrastructure funding, and pushing for more affordable housing and home ownership, local businesses and jobs, and help make Washington state a better place for us to live, work, and raise our families. I look forward to once again earning the voters’ trust in November.

Shirley Sutton
Shirley Sutton

Sutton: Thank you for your vote of confidence. Our first task is pandemic recovery: keeping people healthy, housed, and a safe, equitable economic recovery.

As legislator, I’ll vigorously promote: healthcare for all; fair taxation; vibrant public schools; every family safely housed; meeting climate goals. Police killings of Black Americans must end.

I will oppose an austerity budget that slashes human needs and rolls back progress we fought for.

My promise is to represent constituents. I do not accept corporate PAC donations. When we pull together we create resiliency and progress that supports well-being in our community.

With regards to the Legislative 32 Pos. 2 race, the top two leading candidates are Lauren Davis (D) with 66.08% and Tamra Smilanich (Non-Partisan) with 20.73%.

Tamara Smilanich

Smilanich:  Thanks to all the constituent’s and business owners, for their support for Tamra to be the next relentless voice in the legislature! During this COVID scare, your desire for economic freedom, individual health & safety preservation, AND security from domestic enemies, is crystal clear! The front porch talks Smilanich engaged in, demonstrated the existence of our double-edged sword governance, which only Smilanich can address through non-partisanship leadership!  Some voters want Natural rights preserved and others want “special interest” group rights expanded.  No matter what, as Smilanich moves towards the role of public servant, protecting you is her number one duty!”

Legislative 44

With regards to the Legislative 44 Pos. 1 race, the top two leading candidates are John Lovick (D) with 56.89% and John T. Kartak (R) with 43.01%.

John Lovick

Lovick: Normally, I would have expected it to have been close in numbers if not slightly behind my opponent in the Primary since conservative voters engage more in Primary elections. Clearly, people are fed up with the Republican Party’s reckless and extremist agenda, and my opponent has not shown how their views differ from those of the White House and their radical, extremist policies that have jeopardized our health and our economy. While I am surprised that this is the best our opponent could muster up, I am not at all shocked that our team performed so well.

John Kartak

Kartak: I never knew I might be an elected official until four years ago when 30 people insisted I run for Snohomish Mayor.  Now, only three months ago, I was asked to run for State House.  I love running for office!  It is so enjoyable, winning is another bonus.

Thank you to everyone believing in me, donating your time and funding.  Also, to my opponent and friend, John Lovick.  I often say I’m not running against him, but alongside.  This isn’t over.  I’m running the long race …alongside John and the wonderful people of our beautiful East County 44th Legislative District.

With regards to the Legislative 44 Pos. 2 race, the top two leading candidates are Mark A. James (R) with 45.84% and April Berg (D) with 33.1%.

Mark James

James: I am thankful for all the hard-working volunteers and small businesses that stepped up during these difficult times to help with my campaign. I look forward to continuing this race on to Olympia. I will bring balance, work hard to lower taxes and fight homelessness all while best representing the 44th legislative district. It is time that we are fairly represented, not just Seattle’s interests. Thank you again and I look forward to the next phase in our campaign.


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