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Residency for Tuition Waivers – 20-69

Tuition Waiver – Inslee removes student transportation restrictions to facilitate remote learning environment
By Officer of the Governor | Press Release | Republished by Lynnwood Times

Gov. Jay Inslee today issued two proclamations related to public education in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The first proclamation relates to the Washington residency requirement for public university tuition waivers for graduate students and the second proclamation addresses student transportation for public K-12 schools.  

Residency for Tuition Waivers – 20-69 

This proclamation suspends the residency requirement that allows public university graduate students to receive tuition waivers in exchange for performing teaching and research functions.  Many graduate students come from outside the state and country; however, due to COVID, many of these graduate may not be able to travel to campus but they can still work remotely within online learning environments. 

The proclamation is effective for 30 days and will expire on September 25.

Read the full proclamation here

Transportation and Remote Learning for K-12 Student Education20-70

In consultation with OSPI, this proclamation prohibits school districts from interpreting the Student Transportation statutes in a manner that would restrict a school’s ability to use its current transportation allocation for certain purposes.  Those purposes are spelled out and limited. The permitted purposes include using buses and bus drivers to deliver educational materials (homework/educational packets/other tangible instructional materials); meals; and any technology (like WiFi hotspots) that will enable students to learn remotely.  School districts can also transport students to and from learning centers.

The proclamation also requires school districts to track and document the specific time and uses of school buses and bus drivers to deliver the above services. 

In circumstances where use of the Shared Work program is possible, the governor encourages school districts to make use of that program to help avoid layoffs.

The proclamation will remain effective throughout the state of emergency or until amended or rescinded, whichever occurs first.  

Read the full proclamation here

Find a the list of the governor’s emergency proclamations here

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