June 18, 2024 8:00 pm

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Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

I am a constituent of Congressman Rick Larsen’s and live in Lynnwood. I am a USPS retiree and a veteran. Congressman Larsen has always listened to my viewpoints. On veteran issues, I have always appreciated that Congressman Larsen has advocated in Congress for the younger veterans. I think this is very important with volunteer armed forces. When we can assure veterans that they have a representative that will help them; with jobs, securing benefits for our veterans returning with disabilities and with the myriad of help that a military veteran may need, this reminds them that our country has not forgotten them for their service. 

As a United States Postal Service retiree, Congressman Larsen understands the importance of this government service that provides communication between Americans, delivery of medicines and an essential service that is dedicated to the American public. 

These are just two reasons why I support Congressman Larsen and believe he needs to be returned to the Second District House position for the next two years. 

Robert James 

Lynnwood, WA 

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  1. I read the story in the December 22 issue regarding the Chanukah drive through. I was surprised that the city would allow a religious ceremony on public property since it is forbidden to show any Christian symbols on public lands.

    I was more appalled that your newspaper would remove the “o” in God. I am curious how you would have disrespected Muslims with Allah or Buddhist with Buddha. Would it have been A—h or B—-a?

    It is about time that we respect each others beliefs and stop trying to respect other religious groups by offending the group(s) you are writing about.

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