May 21, 2024 10:54 pm

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SOS Kim Wyman issues statement about website threatening election officials

By Kim Wyman | Office of Secretary of State

OLYMPIA — The Office of the Secretary of State over the weekend was made aware of a website that lists Washington state’s elections director among election officials nationwide who the site creators claim “have aided and abetted the fraudulent election against Trump.” The site includes images of the officials, with crosshairs over their profiles, and home and email addresses. The Department of Homeland Security and the FBI have been notified, as well as the Fusion Center in Washington state.

Secretary of State Kim Wyman issued the following:

“This continued escalation of harassing and threatening behavior in the public sphere has to stop. Sites like this are appalling, and have no space in our democracy and the peaceful transition of power.  

“Washington’s 39 county election officials rose to the challenge, working tirelessly to accurately count more ballots than this state has ever seen and ensure that our election was accessible and secure, in spite of the pandemic. Though my office has yet to receive evidence of massive voter fraud, we take accusations of such seriously. When provided evidence, we work closely with county election officials to ensure instances are investigated and a crime is charged.”

Washington’s Office of the Secretary of State oversees a number of areas within state government, including managing state elections, registering corporations and charities, and governing the use of the state flag and state seal. The office also manages the State Archives and the State Library, documents extraordinary stories in Washington’s history through Legacy Washington, oversees the Combined Fund Drive for charitable giving by state employees, and administers the state’s Address Confidentiality Program to help protect survivors of crime.

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  1. Intimidation is ok in Lynnwood as police do not investigate perjury or threats of killing a person in open court.
    Sadly the news only reports what they think will advance their personal reputations or political aspirations, right Mario?
    Sno Co is Proud Boys 100% and elected are quietly supporting them

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