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Sno-Isle Libraries offering CompTIA A+ Certification for IT careers

For all those interested in potential careers in the information technology field, Sno-Isle Libraries is offering a second round of CompTIA A+ certification for many entry-level jobs.

The certificate demonstrates an individual’s knowledge of IT and commitment to it as a career. Sno-Isle Libraries piloted the online CompTIA A+ certification program this past year to help 20 people prepare for new careers in information technology.

For this new class, Sno-Isle Libraries program coordinators want to enroll as many as 50 people this time.

Online applications for Sno-Isle Libraries’ CompTIA A+ training program are open now through Feb. 12.

Successful participants will get information on additional educational opportunities at local community colleges, plus referral information for WorkSource and job-search assistance.

Before you begin:

  • First time users need to create an account.
  • If you need assistance with the application process or to request an accommodation, please email us
  • Applications time out after 30 minutes. It is recommended that you save often, and/or copy and paste your supplemental question responses from a Word document to ensure no progress is lost. You will not be able to save a page until all required fields are filled out.
  • All applications must be submitted ONLINE and are due by 9:59 PM on the closing date.
  • Suggested browsers to use: Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer or Safari.
  • Applications must be received no later than February 12, 2021 at 9:59 p.m.

Who should apply?

Are you interested in an IT career but don’t know where to start? Would an IT credential like CompTIA A+ help you find new opportunities? We want to help open doors to the IT jobs in our area by inviting you to study with us to get your CompTIA A+ certification. We are looking for people who have had job or income loss due to COVID-19 and live in Snohomish or Island Counties.

If admitted to this program, you will receive a study guide, exam vouchers, and peer support. We will help you prepare to pass two exams for CompTIA A+ certification. This program will be offered entirely online.

We will prepare for each exam one at a time via one weekly 90-minute study session for up to 12 weeks. We will start with the 1001 exam. The entire program will take about 24 weeks. Preparing for CompTIA A+ certification requires a significant time commitment, so expect to study on your own for 10+ hours a week. We are looking for people who have a limited or beginner IT background and are willing to devote lots of time to study.

We want to help you get started in IT, especially if you have not had the opportunity to begin an IT career. We’re inviting people who are underrepresented in Information Technology. This includes women, people of color, veterans, first generation college students, LGBTQ+ individuals, and disabled people/ people with disabilities.

Accommodations will be provided upon request.


  • Applicants must
    • Be at least 18 years of age;
    • Live in Snohomish or Island Counties;
    • Have a Sno-Isle Libraries card;
    • Have access to computer technology listed under “Equipment Needed”;
    • Be interested in Information Technology;
    • Be willing to spend time studying for exam preparation;
    • Have job or income loss due to COVID-19.
  • Examples of job and income loss include:
    • Being laid off due to COVID-19;
    • At risk of being laid off due to COVID-19;
    • Furloughed due to COVID-19;
    • Losing hours due to COVID-19;
    • Eligible for, currently receiving, or have exhausted unemployment benefits;
    • Formerly self-employed and now unemployed.

Time and Study Commitment

Becoming CompTIA A+ certified means passing two exams. The material is challenging, especially if you do not have an IT background. Our curriculum, support from your peers, and dedicated study time can help you become ready to pass these exams. Some of our previous learners have become CompTIA A+ certified without an IT background. They averaged around 10+ hours a week of study time.

For an idea of the difficulty of the material, please take a pretest.

We ask learners to regularly attend one of our learning circles. Learning circles are 90 minutes long. They include study sessions, practice questions, and discussion of exam taking strategies.

If accepted to this program, we will invite you to an orientation session so you can learn more. Orientation sessions will be held during the last week of February.

Successful Participants

  • You are interested in working in Information Technology.
  • You are ready to attend a weekly learning circle and participate.
  • You like learning and enjoy developing your skills through self-study.
  • You ask questions about concepts that are unclear to you. You take the initiative to find answers. You look for more information about what you’re studying. You seek out study resources to further your knowledge.
  • You are ready for a challenge! The exams are demanding and will require lots of study time. You are ready to memorize lots of terms and acronyms. You are ready to memorize cable types, lengths, speeds, types of RAM, LAN protocol versions and specs, and much more. You are ready to study outside of regular learning circles.
  • You like working with and talking to others. You are looking forward to joining our learning circles. You enjoy collaboration and discussion.
  • You are ready to learn online. You’ve taken an online learning self-assessment (like one from Edmonds CollegeCalifornia State UniversityWashington State Board of Community and Technical Colleges) and think this will be a good fit for you.

Equipment Needed

  • Laptop or computer and access to the internet that meets the requirements for CompTIA A+ online testing.
  • CompTIA A+ certification testing requires a valid government-issued photo I.D. CompTIA’s I.D. requirements are listed here.
    • PLEASE NOTE – CompTIA and PearsonVue are quite strict about their I.D. requirements. To take the test your government-issued photo I.D. must exactly match the name you register with CompTIA.

Possible disqualifications

  • You are new to using a computer and have tried very little. You are not expected to be an expert, but this test requires some basic knowledge of Information Technology.
  • You are already ready to take the CompTIA A+ exams. You have spent a lot of time studying Information Technology or have a lot of IT job experience.

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