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Trinity Scholarship Programs accepting applications

Our Mission: Trinity Education Foundation provides scholarships and guidance to students at Christian colleges and seminaries to foster academic success and to inspire vocational development reflecting the Gospel’s values of love, justice, and healing for the sake of the world.

  • Trinity Scholars Program
  • Seminary Scholarship
  • Dave Ellingson Scholarship

Applications will be accepted until midnight on March 31, 2021.

Trinity Scholars Program

As anyone who has entered college knows, the experience can be very daunting. But studies show that it’s especially challenging for first-generation college students and those who are financially challenged.

The two main impediments to a successful college experience are financial stress and lack of direction. The Trinity Scholars Program addresses both.

First,  we help students discover who they are—their unique personalities, interests, values and career preferences utilizing the PathwayU assessment.

PathywayU provides baseline data for each student via validated assessments. Using this information, our professional coaches offer one-on-one guidance that’s personal yet purposeful, friendly yet firm. The coach will ask questions designed to guide the student toward the best classes, the best major, and the best career pathway. For instance, the coach might ask, “How does this choice align with who you really are?”  With this kind of caring direction, students can focus on the choices that fit them best.

Second, we take a significant bite out of students’ financial costs by providing up to $10,000 in need-based support per academic year for up to four years of college or a maximum of $40,000.

Please note that students may receive only one scholarship at a time from the Foundation.

Seminary Scholarship

The Seminary Scholarship is a renewable scholarship for up to three years. The number of scholarships awarded, and the amount granted will vary depending on things like the number of completed applications received and approved, need assessment of each application, and total dollars available in the seminary fund.

Scholarships are paid directly to the seminary of choice and will be applied to tuition and related expenses.

Please note that students may receive only one scholarship at a time from the Foundation.

Dave Ellingson Scholarship

Dave Ellingson is a former professor at Trinity Lutheran College and the author of several books. He’s also a popular speaker at churches, colleges and other venues like REI. Dave’s strong faith and passionate devotion to God’s creation have inspired admirers around the globe. His former students, together with followers of his Paddle Pilgrim journeys, began a scholarship fund to help students gain the education they’ll need to impact their world.

The Dave Ellingson Scholarship for Environmental Studies is enabling a new generation of students to fulfill their life calling and pursue their passion.

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