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Christine Frizzell kicks off campaign to be next Mayor of Lynnwood

By voteFrizzell.com | Press Release

Lynnwood, Wash., April 5, 2021 – The March 24 zoom event to launch Christine Frizzell’s mayoral campaign was attended by community leaders, current Mayor Nicola Smith, other current councilmembers as well as past councilmembers, family, and friends. 

Christine has been on the Lynnwood city council since 2017.  She has chaired the city’s Finance Team for three years, served two years as a Fire Commissioner with South County Fire, served as Council Vice President in 2019 and Council President in 2020, and has been part of the Board of the Snohomish Health District since pre Covid.

Christine grew up in Lynnwood with her first job at the Lynnwood Library while attending and later graduating from Meadowdale High School before moving on to complete her Bachelor of Science in Accounting at Edmonds Community College (now known as Edmonds College) and Central Washington University.  She became involved with the city while volunteering at the Fire Department taking blood pressure checks and attending “Lynnwood University” in 2014. 

“I confess that I have fallen in love with the city I grew up in and I want to see it grow, prosper, and provide for all who live, work, and play here.”

Christine Frizzell

Christine is committed to leading Lynnwood with strength, compassion, and purpose in the following ways:

Christine has four decades of finance and tax experience serving both profit and non-profit organizations and will use this expertise to insure strong financial stewardship.

She has volunteered with many under resourced and marginalized individuals and stands committed to the challenging work of fighting racism and inequity in our city.

Managing our growth and not letting it manage us is a top priority and Christine is determined to welcome a wider range of options in transportation and housing through our city policies and practices. 

Christine will persistently partner with our wide variety of businesses to review and update City business policies to be relevant and reasonable as Lynnwood looks for ways to thrive in a post COVID marketplace.

Current Lynnwood Mayor Nicola Smith writes, “Please join me in offering your support for Christine Frizzell as Lynnwood’s next Mayor. I urge you to keep this great city and diverse community progressing responsibly and compassionately by endorsing Christine Frizzell. Follow my lead! Keep Lynnwood alive and continue the momentum with Christine’s inspiring leadership.”   

To learn more about Christine and her goals as Mayor for the City of Lynnwood, please visit VoteFrizzell.com 

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