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Letter to the Editor: ESD Capital Levy Vote

Zig Ziglar wrote, “Our children are our only hope for the future, but we are their only hope for their present and their future.”

This quote is so relevant to us as we cast our votes for the Edmonds School District Capital Levy to Improve School Facilities.  As someone who grew up attending ESD schools and raised my two daughters in some of those same buildings more than 30 years later, I will be voting YES.

I will be voting YES to support our children’s safety and security.

 I will be voting YES to provide a safe place for our next generation of leaders to learn.  

I will be voting YES to replace aging facilities that no longer provide adequate space and technology. 

I will be voting YES to creating schools for our expanding population.

I will be voting YES because I believe in our youth and the need to have safe and healthy places for them to learn, grow and thrive.

Please join me in voting YES for children!

By Christine Frizzell, parent, business owner, City Council Member, community advocate

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