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You are invited to ‘Let Your Leader Out’ this weekend

Leadership Launch is hosting its 2021 Community Launch Projects this weekend. We are challenging our community to engage in random acts of kindness over the weekend of May 21 – 23. You can do your own random act of kindness, or join with Leadership Launch students to positively impact the community.

Student projects are divided into days based loosely on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Friday is Back to the Basics Day, Saturday is Caring is Sharing Day, and Sunday is Kindness and Connection Day.

To contribute to any of the student projects mentioned above, please visit https://leadershiplaunch.kindful.com/?campaign=1124073.

Glenda is kicking off our series of LYLO & Link projects that students will be doing from May 21st to 23rd. Make sure to RSVP that you’re going on our event page if you want to let your leader out and link with others to spread kindness.

FRIDAY: Back To Basics Projects

Aiden is organizing a clothing drive to support the community.

Yenni & Benito are a dynamic brother and sister duo letting their leader out by providing food bags for people experiencing homelessness.

SATURDAY: Caring is Sharing Projects

Alberto is a talented young artist who is stepping out of his comfort zone to organize a neighborhood art class.

Anjoli is a leader with a big heart! Anjoli would like to show love and kindness to an individual experiencing homelessness. Her project is to treat the person to a haircut and provide them with a bag of supplies (toothbrush, toothpaste, feminine hygiene products, hair brush, water bottle, and a meal) to help them feel refreshed. 

Wigar is a strong, smart, humble, and compassionate leader. Johnaven is a funny, respectful, loyal and resilient leader. Together, they are working on creating Neighborhood Notes for their neighbors from the Asian American and Pacific Islander communities. They are bringing some of their peers together to create notes to be delivered across several neighborhoods to show their love and support for the AAPI community. 

SUNDAY: Connection and Kindness

Sheila has offered to provide transportation for those locally who would like to give a thoughtful gift to someone but are limited by lack of transportation. She has also offered to others if they do not have the resources to give, you can contact her and she will help you. 

Huy’s project is to help build a greater sense of community and connectedness between younger and older students. He is working with some of his peers to broaden the impact, and he hopes that this will become an ongoing opportunity for students at his school. 

Emily and Angel are working together to provide cards for the Mukilteo and Everett Police and Fire Departments. Angel is a dynamic, social, wise, and authentic young leader. Emily is extremely kind, introspective, brave, and true to herself as a leader. They both love and serve others, and bring positivity into all they do.


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