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New Whitehorse Campground opens Memorial Day Weekend

Darrington, Wash., May 28, 2021 – Snohomish County opens the new Whitehorse Campground near Darrington this weekend. With campgrounds already busy this spring and booked up across the region, the new 18-site campground will increase camping capacity in the county just in time for summer. Reservations are open now. 

Located just outside the Town of Darrington, opens this equestrian-friendly campground has close proximity to the Whitehorse Regional Trail and North Mountain. There are also stunning views of Whitehorse Mountain.  

Campground amenities include:  

  • 18 total campsites (5 of which are equestrian sites)
  • 15 full-utility campsites (2 equestrian and 2 ADA) 
  • 3 non-utility equestrian campsites  
  • Equestrian sites each have 2 side-by-side corrals  
  • Dump station
  • Timber-framed picnic shelter  
  • On-site caretaker  

“Snohomish County is excited to provide this new campground that offers access to nearby DNR and Forest Service recreation opportunities,” said Sharon Swan, Division Manager for Snohomish County Parks, Recreation & Tourism. “In addition to providing 15 full hook-up RV sites, the Whitehorse Campground also provides the county’s first equestrian sites and is planned for continued improvements in 2022.”  

Whitehorse Campground opens
An aerial view of Whitehorse Campground near Darrington, WA with Whitehorse Mountain in the background. Photo credit: Rich Patton

Future improvements include fall plantings and Phase 2 of construction, which is scheduled to be completed by the summer of 2022. Phase 2 plans to add a permanent restroom and shower facility and possible expansion of the campground.  Plantings will also be added this fall.   

“People love to travel and adventure with their horses, and we are very excited that Snohomish County has a new place to do that,” said Catherine Collins, Chair of the Executive Horse Council of Snohomish County.  

A task force from the Horse Council was involved in some of the planning for the equestrian campsites. “I am grateful to the task force who helped advise parks staff on adding features like highlines and corrals. It is a safe, local place to try out camping with your horses,” Collins added. 

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