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Several deaths in Lynnwood during Fourth of July week

The Lynnwood Police reported 113 crimes for the week ending the month of June and beginning the month of July.  Theft and burglary remain on top this week also, but this week’s reports have seen an increase in death cases.

About 32 cases of theft and felony happened in Lynnwood the week June 28th– to July 4th, including seven death investigations. Most of the death investigations were reportedly from the wave of heat that hit the Northwest the beginning of July.

Other crimes in Lynnwood include traffic violations, DUI, and assaults. Compared with the previous week there was also an increase of found property and a decrease on Adult and Minor Protective Services. Traffic offenses, trespassing and domestic violence have been some of the other crimes and violations reported from the police department in Lynnwood this past week.

“Fast and furious” in the streets of Lynnwood

Car chasing, worthy of being on the set of the movie franchise Fast and Furious, happened on July 2nd on the streets of Lynnwood. Officers from the police department of Lynnwood responded to a call about a disturbance involving a white BMW with stolen license plates. Following closely behind the vehicle, the Lynnwood Police agents did not want to be noticed, given the busy time of the day in the area.

The chase between cars which covered a good part of Lynnwood started in the Alderwood area and spread to 196th Street with several U turns in different sections of the city, switching from southbound to northbound several times.

Losing sight of the vehicle several times during the chase, the police cars involved were not able to stop the suspects, which almost hit other vehicles during the chase, according to the police report.

The last time the vehicle was seen was turning from Highway 99 to Lincoln Way. The police lost complete sight of the white BMW when they took a curve at Admiralty Way.

The search continued for a few more minutes before the police ended the chase.

Russian nationalist gets on the nerves of neighbors

A suspicious man playing loud music was the reason his neighbors involved the police. According to neighbors at Woodland Greens in Lynnwood, the one of the occupants of the residence is known in the community for past violent behavior including domestic violence.

Loud music and screams with religious content terrified neighboring apartments for quite some time according to the police report. The police agent who responded to the call got the first impression of who he would be dealing with from the noise he was hearing and two large flags of the former Soviet Union and Che Guevara. A note was also visible hanging on the door that read, “Russian House.”

After knocking on the door several times and getting no response, the police officer had to try the back door where more Russian flags used like curtains were preventing him from seeing through the glass.

After several minutes, the tenant of the unit opened the door. According to the police report, a large knife was partly visible tucked under the waistband of his pants.

The occupant of the house told police that the quiet hours had not yet started. The agent informed the man that the level of volume was too loud, and he could be cited for a noise ordinance violation if he continued.

The occupant of the house then closed the door, and no further developments were reported that evening. 

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