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Olympus Spa and Trans rights supporters face off at Event Center

Olympus spa

LYNNWOOD, Wash., June 18, 2023—The highly anticipated rally surrounding the controversial court order against the Olympus Spa policy surronding biological women took place Saturday afternoon at the Lynnwood Event Center. The rally was marked by a significant police presence, as fears of physical confrontation ran high among both protesters and counter-protesters. Nearly 100 pro-female only […]

Lynnwood Police “Cops and Kids” brings the community together

lynnwood cops and kids

Lynnwood, June 6, 2023—The Lynnwood Police Department organized its highly anticipated annual event, “Cops and Kids” that took place on June 3 at Alderwood Plaza. Celebrating its tenth year, this event aimed to further strengthen the connections between police officers and the local community. Under the bright sunshine, numerous police equipment and vehicles were proudly […]

Cops for Inclusion: Lynnwood Police hosts event for kids of diverse abilities 

Cops for Inclusion

LYNNWOOD, Wash., April 17, 2023—In celebration of April as Autism Awareness Month, the Lynnwood Police Department organized an event on Saturday, April 15 called “Cops for Inclusion: A day with kids of diverse abilities.” The event, held at the Northwest Church grounds in Lynnwood, was specifically designed for families and children on the Autism Spectrum. […]

Strengthening the cultural relationship with Chilpancingo Friendship City

lynnwood signal box art

LYNNWOOD, Wash., November 19, 2021 – On October 5, a signal box art wrap was inaugurated at the city of Lynnwood at the Alderwood Mall Parkway and Alderwood Mall Boulevard. The inauguration is a collaboration between the City of Lynnwood and the Mexican city of Chilpancingo to strengthen the cities’ cultural and economic relationship. Present […]

LSPD: Serial eluder caught for sixth time


LAKE STEVENS, Wash., October 10, 2021 – A rise in crime for the last week of September in Lake Stevens after the lowest crime rate within the last couple of months the previous week. During September 20-26, there were 34 crimes reported to the Lake Stevens Police Department (LSPD). To view the previous Lake Stevens […]

LPD Blotter: Domestic violence assailant ends up in jail

Lynnwood crime

LYNNWOOD, Wash., October 10, 2021 — Lynnwood experienced a steady rise in crime over the last three weeks of September with an average frequency of 118 crimes per week. During September 19-25 alone, a staggering 138 crimes were reported to the Lynnwood Police Department (LPD). This is the highest weekly reported figure since last spring.   It […]

LSPD: Biker escapes police patrol after chase


LAKE STEVENS, Wash., September 15, 2021 — Lake Stevens has seen 30 crimes between the end of August and Labor Day weekend. Crimes have varied with vehicle theft and prowling on top of the list. Assault misdemeanors have also been reported repeatedly during the same week.   To view last week’s Lake Stevens Police Blotter and […]

In Lynnwood, 1 in 3 crimes is theft or burglary

Lynnwood Crimes

LYNNWOOD, Wash., September 15, 2021 — In the week of August 28 to September 4, Lynnwood saw about 95 total reported crimes, 30 of which included burglary, theft, or prowling. Nearly 1 in 3 crimes the Lynnwood Police Department is called to report will include theft or burglary. Overall, crime has decreased this week compared […]

LPD: Infrared tech captures felon

Lynnwood Crimes

In Lynnwood, crime rose 3.8 percent in the last week of August for a total of 108 reported incidents. Major crimes reported to the Lynnwood Police Department were domestic assault, theft and hit and run. You can run, but you can’t hide! A suspect that fled was captured after LPD used the technology of a […]

LSPD: Man goes missing after $25,000 windfall

Lake Stevens crimes

For the last week of August, 24 crimes were reported to the Lake Stevens Police Department, 6 crimes less than the previous week. This is the lowest rate for crimes in Lake Stevens for the summer of 2021. The crimes were sex offenses, theft, and various misdemeanors. A man goes missing after receiving $25,000 A […]

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