LSPD: Man goes missing after $25,000 windfall

For the last week of August, 24 crimes were reported to the Lake Stevens Police Department, 6 crimes less than the previous week. This is the lowest rate for crimes in Lake Stevens for the summer of 2021. The crimes were sex offenses, theft, and various misdemeanors.

A man goes missing after receiving $25,000

A man in his thirties was reported missing a few days after he got a hold of $25,000. His roommate got worried after not seeing him around for about three days and called the Lake Stevens Police Department to file a missing persons case.

The missing roommate lives in a clean and sober house. The concerned roommate shared with police that his missing roommate, with initial “R,” received $25,000 and has been “flaunting” around the house. Police learned that the missing roommate was last seen leaving for the Tulalip Casino in company of a friend, “C.”

The concerned roommate suspects “C,” has nefarious intentions because allegedly “C” has no source of income and is unemployed.  He alleges that on the night of the disappearance, “C” told him that “R” left the casino with a strange female. “C” also told the roommate that “R” didn’t show up to co-sign a lease for a car.

The police officer tried unsuccessfully to get ahold of “R.” Despite the roommates’ feelings and doubts about “C,” according to the police, there is no evidence of foul play nor exigency at this time.

To view last week’s Lake Stevens Police Blotter, click here.

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