LSPD Blotter: Man turns in gun to be destroyed

LAKE STEVENS, Wash., August 31, 2021 — From August 17-23, the Lake Stevens Police Department reported 30 crimes. Deaths increased that week but mostly from natural causes, according to the reports. Other incidents include burglaries and attempted suicides. The Lake Stevens area saw 11 fewer crimes than the previous week.

Man given firearm to destroy, completes it 10 years later

A man who was given a firearm to destroy reported the gun to the authorities 10 years later. The case happened in Lake Stevens when the police department on August 18 dispatched a weapon incident. 

Upon arriving at the scene, the police officer was approached by the reporting party who indicated that he had a firearm that he would like destroyed.

From the information gathered by the officer on duty, a man with initial “R” states that at least 10 years ago, a neighbor that he only knew by her first name had given him a firearm and asked him to destroy it.

“R” also said that his neighbor indicated that the firearm had belonged to her deceased husband. 

Why report it ten years later? According to “R,” he put the firearm in his garage and forgot about it.

While researching the gun and its previous owner, the officer determined the gun was never reported as stolen or involved in a crime. Authorities were unable to locate the previous owner, who, according to “R,” now resides in Tennessee.

The gun was booked into the property room for destruction as per request of the “good neighbor,” only ten years later!

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