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LSPD Police Blotter: Slaps woman on the buttock, gets arrested

LAKE STEVENS, Wash., August 22, 2021 — The Lake Stevens Police Department reported 41 crimes during August 9-16. Assaults and court order violations were the most frequent together with theft and burglary. There were also several sex offenses reported.

Overall, there were seven more crimes reported to the Lake Stevens Police Department than the previous week in this area or an 8 percent increase. 

Rents U-Haul, doesn’t return it back

“Hello 911, someone stole my U-Haul rent trailer,” a caller with initial “K” told dispatch on August 13.

The caller told the responding police officer that “M” had rented the trailer with a prepaid credit card and the trailer was due back on July 20. After contacting “M” multiple times, he was unable to get a hold of him. “K” claimed that he drove by “M” place of residence but was unable to get in contact with “M.”  

The police officer decided to drive by M’s residence, provided in the paperwork. He found the trailer parked outside filled with garbage.

After the police officer tried to unsuccessfully contact M several times, the case was entered into the system as a stolen trailer. The case is still open at the time this article was written.

Slaps woman on the buttock, gets arrested

A woman and her mother were out shopping in a shop strip where they were assaulted by another woman on August 12. 

While shopping, the two women were approached by a female wearing a beanie and a short, printed dress. As the two women passed the female assailant who was seated on a bench, one of them was struck. The assailant, initial “T,” assaulted the 60-year-old mother by slapping her hard in her left buttock.

The women decided to report the incident right away to the Lake Stevens Police Department. The responding officer on duty was able to locate the attacker inside a Safeway.

Based on the statement and the daughter being a witness, the officer determined there was probable cause to arrest T for assault. The assailant was arrested outside the store.

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