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In Lynnwood, 1 in 3 crimes is theft or burglary

LYNNWOOD, Wash., September 15, 2021 — In the week of August 28 to September 4, Lynnwood saw about 95 total reported crimes, 30 of which included burglary, theft, or prowling. Nearly 1 in 3 crimes the Lynnwood Police Department is called to report will include theft or burglary. Overall, crime has decreased this week compared to 104 reported incidents last week.  

Bikers getting shot at while riding for fun

While riding their dirt bikes in an open area, four men dealt with an upset nearby habitant who fired his shotgun at them.

The incident happened in the city of Lynnwood on August 28.

While four friends enjoyed the day riding their 49cc dirt bikes in an open construction site by 159th St SW, they were shocked to hear bullets flying by, tearing leaves from the trees. After looking for the source of the shot, they observed a man in the backyard of a nearby house, shouting at them to leave. 

They heard two rounds fired in their direction.

Scared, they left the area and called the police to report the case. After hearing the testimony of the four witnesses, the officers were shown the house of the suspected shooter.  

The police officers questioned the owner of the house, a man in his sixties. He cooperated and admitted that he did use a shotgun to scare off the bikers.

His reasoning, according to the man, is that he witnessed suspicious activity in the area close to his backyard. Since he works away from home and his wife is home alone most of the time, he tries to scare off potential threats to her or his property. He admitted that the area he shot at is not his property and that he wasn’t aiming at the bikers, just the ground nearby to scare them off.

The police officers explained the dangers of shooting in a public area of the city, and with the information gathered, they arrested the man and confiscated his gun.  

Edmonds School District buses prowled

Two Edmonds School District busses were prowled by an unidentified woman on August 23.

After conducting a check on the parking lot, the man in charge of safety observed obvious signs of prowling. The hood of one of the busses was up and the ignition was tampered with. The pin had been pulled out of the fire extinguisher, but the extinguisher had not been removed. 

He reported that it did not appear anything had been stolen or damaged. He also noted that he found a backpack behind the driver’s seat that appeared to have been left behind by the prowler.  He stated that another school bus had been apparently prowled as well, but nothing was missing and there was no permanent damage incurred.

He will provide the police with the footage from the security camera when available.

From the backpack collected, the police officer found evidence which identified a white woman in her thirties.

He tried to contact one of the listed residences associated with her name, but no information about her was found by the management. She has yet to be located.

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