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LPD stand-off ends in arrest and confiscation of loaded AR-15 style rifle

LYNNWOOD, Wash., August 19, 2021 – Tuesday just after 10:30 a.m., Lynnwood Police were called to the 18600 block of 40th Avenue West by a man who told 911 dispatchers another man was randomly pointing a gun at him while the victim was inside his motor home.

When officers arrived, the caller explained that the suspect had had his finger on the trigger and appeared to be “tracking” the victim with the gun. The suspect had then moved out of the victim’s line of sight.

Officers positioned their patrol vehicles at the end of the street to assess the situation.  Meanwhile, the suspect had gotten into a large SUV and then drove towards them.  

The suspect, later determined to be a 49-year-old transient man Scott Davis, initially refused to exit his vehicle or show his hands.  He was agitated and officers believed he was exhibiting signs of mental distress.  

Officers used de-escalation techniques to include time, distance and shielding in order to try to calm the man down. After a stand-off with officers, the suspect complied and was taken into custody.  

Officers found a loaded pistol and a loaded AR-15 style rifle in the front seat of his SUV along with thousands of rounds of ammunition in the vehicle. The man is now facing charges of assault with a weapon.

Content Source: Lynnwood Police Department press release

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