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LPD Blotter: 9% increase in crime during third week of August

LYNNWOOD, Wash., August 31, 2021 — The Lynnwood Police Department has reported 104 crimes during the third week of August, including theft of second and third degree, a shooting on Highway 99, and possession of dangerous weapons. Compared to the previous week, Lynnwood has seen 9 more crimes, a 9 percent increase overall.

Shoplifter lies about his identity, swallows’ heroin, and ends in jail

On August 14, a man was arrested after he was caught shoplifting inside a Fred Meyer store in Lynnwood. The man, who identified himself as “E,” was caught stealing $796 worth of merchandise from the store, most of which included over-the-counter medicines.

While being taken into custody, “E” confessed to shoplifting and admitted he intended to sell the medicines to pay for drugs.

When the police officer ran E’s name through dispatch, the Department of Licensing (DOL) photograph did not match the name he gave. When asked for his social security number, “E” said that he could not remember. The officer then asked “E” to name some of his relatives, and while running their names in the system, he noticed that E’s brother’s DOL photograph matched the man.

“E” admitted that he lied about his identity to avoid going to jail, using his brother’s name instead. 

After being booked into Snohomish County Jail and then charged with theft in the second degree, “E” reported to the staff that he had swallowed heroin. He was then transported to the hospital temporarily.

In addition to the warrant arrest, the officer on duty had probable cause to charge “E” with theft in the second degree and making false/misleading statements to a peace officer. 

Violates house arrest to steal his ex’s gun

A man broke his house arrest order and stole his ex-girlfriend’s firearm. The August 18 incident was reported by the woman to the Lynnwood Police Department

The woman said the man had been staying with her after she had recently bailed him out of jail, but after a short stay, he disappeared. At the time, she was unaware that her licensed gun was missing. She later received a call from the man’s new girlfriend who said he threatened her with a gun.

The woman then noticed the gun was missing and reported the theft to the police. Since only she and her ex had access to her apartment, and with no evidence of a break-in, the woman is confident that her ex-boyfriend stole it. 

The responding police officer confirmed that the gun model and number she provided was registered under her name. He also confirmed with the Edmonds Police Department that the man’s ankle monitor was still showing he was in the Mountlake Terrace area, where he was supposed to be.

Since the Police of Lynnwood did not have probable cause for theft of a firearm, no arrest was made at the time of this article. By threatening his latest girlfriend, the man also violated a no-contact order. LPD is still collaborating with Edmonds, Bellevue, and Granite Falls Police Departments on this case.

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