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LPD Blotter: Hell hath no fury as a woman scorned

In the week of August 8 and 15 there have been 95 crimes in Lynnwood reported by the Lynnwood Police Department. At 40 percent, theft cases are the most frequent crimes in Lynnwood during the second week of August. Other Lynnwood crimes that rank high during the same week are assault and trespassing.

Jealous girlfriend snitches on boyfriend’s involvement in robbery

A young couple fighting each other ended up with more than just them splitting up. It looks like after the investigation, the girlfriend’s boyfriend two nights before the fight might have been involved in a robbery of a barber shop in Lynnwood.

On August 8th the police of Lynnwood responded to a call of assault. When coming to the scene, the girlfriend accused her boyfriend of assaulting her. She stated she tried to grab her boyfriend’s phone but then he pulled her off the bed onto the floor and pushed her against the wall several times.

The boyfriend with initial “D” told police that he and his girlfriend fought over her wanting to gain access to his phone and she then started hitting and slapping him. He had to react, by pulling her away from him before they both calmed down and went to sleep.

The next morning the girl decided to call the police and report the incident but during her statement she claimed that her boyfriend confirmed to her that on the night of August 7th he and two of his friends robbed a barber shop in Lynnwood located on Highway 99.

According to the girlfriend, the initial intent of the boyfriend and his friends were to rob an ATM machine but since they couldn’t move it, they decided to break in and steal all the barber shop owner’s shoes. She stated that her boyfriend took a pair of Air Jordans and Yeezys shoes and that the rest his friends took the other shoes to sell. The trio would then split the money.

The robbery was confirmed by the Lynnwood Police. The girlfriend stated that she would be able to recognize her boyfriend if the detectives would provide videos of the robbery. The boyfriend was provided with a case number and still remains a suspect in the robbery. 

Stealing to feed a heroin addiction

The Lynnwood Police dispatch received a call on August 8 claiming a woman was taking the tags off and concealing merchandise in a stolen bag. Upon arrival the police officer identified the woman with initial “H” from his previous encounters with her.

The police officer was able to confirm the “H” had a valid trespass order for the Fred Myer location which was issued on April 20th of this year for one year. Further, “H” also had a warrant for her arrest, out of the Bothell Police Department with a bail amount of $4,000.

The store manager identified “H” at self-checkout line, where the police advised her that she was detained for a trespassing investigation.

She was provided with her Miranda rights which she waived and then admitted to the officer that she knew she was not allowed to be in the store but needed to steal in order to support her heroin addiction.

Before arresting and transporting “H” to the Lynnwood Jail, the police officer read “H” her rights and issued a criminal citation for trespassing in the first degree and provided her with a copy.

The store management and loss prevention recovered the stolen merchandise at the self-checkout line.

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