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Bail set at $5 million for Brooks, sixth victim, a child, dies

Waukesha County Court Commissioner Kevin Costello on Darrell Brooks’ case | FOX6 News Milwaukee

WAUKESHA, Wisc., November, 23, 2021 – Today, Waukesha County Court Commissioner Kevin Costello honored the prosecution’s request and set bail at $5 million – a full $5 million, not a percentage – for Darrell E Brooks Jr.  Prosecutors also revealed that a total of 62 people were injured in Sunday’s Waukesha Christmas Parade tragedy.

A child has become the sixth victim to die after a red SUV allegedly driven by Brooks drove through the crowd. Prosecutors and law enforces allege that Brooks intentionally drove the vehicle into the parade killing five others.

Brooks appeared with Attorney Jeremy Christian Perri and Attorney Anna Kees. Susan L. Opper and Leslie Boese appeared for the State of Wisconsin. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for 9:15 a.m. on January 14, 2022.

The Court ordered a DNA sample to be taken from Brooks who is currently facing five counts of 1st-degree intentional homicide – a life sentence is convicted.

Costello justified the $5 million cash bond stating that Brooks has a lengthy criminal record of hurting people, fleeing, not following criminal laws, and not following societal norms.

Brooks was released on $1,000 bond days earlier for allegedly running over a woman earlier this month who claimed she’s the mother of his child.

Conditions of bail

Below is the condition per court order if Brooks makes the $5 million cash bail:

“Defendant to comply with GPS monitoring through Wisconsin Community Services. Defendant to be released during regular business hours only and is to report directly to Wisconsin Community Services upon release. Court orders the Sheriff’s Department to contact WCS immediately upon the defendant being released from custody.

“If the defendant does not report immediately to WCS a representative from WCS is to notify the Sheriff’s Department immediately and a warrant shall be issued.

“Defendant not to leave the State of Wisconsin without prior authorization from the Court. Defendant is not to operate a motor vehicle. Defendant to have no contact with the family members of Victims A-E listed in the Criminal Complaint/Victim Identification Key. Defendant is not to share, reproduce or distribute any personal and/or identifying information about the crime victim(s), except to their attorney.

“Defendant is not to possess any dangerous weapons/firearms.”

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