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Your February 2022 horoscope

Understandably, many people do not take astrology seriously. They will read their “Stars” in the media and if something said there doesn’t happen, then they will not have any confidence in it. “Prediction” is one of the worst tags associated with astrology, and prediction is one of the hardest things to do – especially in a column like this!

The best any astrologer can do is share the “trends” at any moment in time. Indeed, with any astrological event that is happening, there are a myriad of interpretations that could be possible with that happening – and even then, only a few of those reading it will be directly affected – depending upon which sensitive points in their Birth Charts are being triggered in that moment in time. Over this coming month for example, there are several planetary events happening in the Sign of Capricorn. Now each planet represents a separate principle of action or energy, and a Sign of the Zodiac represents a section of the Zodiac where it’s energies are modified in one way or another. The outgoing effects are entirely depending on the nature of the planetary energies and Signs involved – as well as what parts of a person’s individual Birth Chart are being affected at that moment in time, or not.

Therefore, you can imagine that it is difficult for any responsible astrologer to “predict” any one thing at any one time. That is why this astrologer does not do “prediction.” All we can suggest is the kind of trend that might be expected at a moment in time, then suggest that an individual work with the nature of that trend in the way that is most beneficial to their own personal life experience.

February 2022 Horoscope by Sign

This February there is a great deal of action in and around the Sign of Capricorn. So, let’s look at what Capricorn can represent and suggest ways in which generic Sun Sign individuals might deal with it. The Capricorn energy traditionally is all about Law, Order and the maintaining the Status Quo. The Capricorn effect can also indicate a period of Hard Work, Patience and Limitation. It might suggest Caution, Prudence and sometimes suggest a Restriction of things normally expected. So, for some this might be seen a challenging period. For others, it’s a great opportunity to Plan, to Grow, to Lay Down Foundations or to initiate a period of positive Work Hard in pursuit of a distant goal or dream that needs to be realized. All these things, or some of these things, may affect all – or just some.

As indicated, it all depends on how an individual’s personal Birth Chart is set up. Therefore, in reading the following, you are most probably the only one capable of interpreting just what it means to you…


ARIES: The inherent instinct of any self-respecting Aries spirit is to lead or strike out for what you care about or believe in. Maybe the somewhat limiting Capricorn energies could be hindering you right now? If so, perhaps focus more on why this might be, rather than striking out against it, and how you can use them to structure your life more positively in the future – that is, without limiting your drive and actions at the same time. 


TAURUS: As we’ve said before, stability and a patient application of your energies is your style. In this sense, the practical, long-term nature of the Capricorn energies right now will not be too challenging for you. If anything, they may encourage you to go over and above your normal modus-operando and bring long-term objectives more into focus.   


GEMINI: We can only reiterate what we said last month about it being a good time to get more serious in your thinking while your ruling planet travels through Capricorn. One would hope therefore that you’ve got more of a plan in mind, as now Mercury enters Aquarius this month, it’s an opportunity to implement your thinking in a much more liberated and independent way.  


CANCER: As I’m sure you’ve read a million times by now, the true Cancerian spirit tends to project a tough exterior, to protect the much more sensitive thoughts and feelings that are swirling around on the inside. Capricorn is your opposite Sign in the Zodiac. So, there’s no doubt that all that activity over there right now is profoundly affecting your sense of inner peace and security – by polarity if nothing else. In that sense, it’s probably more important that you take long-term plans and actions very seriously right now, so that your inner self might feel more secure and stable.   


LEO: There’s probably little doubt that your more gregarious self is feeling somewhat blocked and limited right now. You’re not comfortable with limitations are restrictions to your naturally outgoing nature. Yet this could be a great opportunity to build better and firmer foundations for yourself, so that you can shine even more brightly in the future. “Brakes” are important to any vehicle, even if that vehicle is more of a sportscar in your own particular case!


VIRGO: Being of service to others is one of the key expressions of the Virgo spirit – as is attention to detail and concerns in the spheres of health and well-being. The Capricorn effect can be cramping the style of most people. But if you identify strongly with those Virgo traits listed above, you may well be finding this a great time to better structure your interests and build stronger foundations that will allow you to express yourself much more practically and effectively.


LIBRA: On balance, perhaps the Capricorn effect right now could well be complimentary to your way of being. The pure Libran spirit is very much aligned to social justice, harmony, and diplomacy. The limitations that Capricorn can place on us all means that it’s much harder for anyone to go out on a limb and ruffle too many feathers. You are not one for ruffling feathers unless it is in the pursuit of a great peace all round. Perhaps it could mean that you find yourself succumbing to your lazier tendencies as a result. But use the time wisely to build firm strategies for your future. It will benefit you in the long run.


SCORPIO: Let’s face it, you can be quite controlled and compulsive when you want to be. A lot of it is hidden and internal, but I’m sure you feel it powerfully when you allow it to happen. Therefore, the practical realities and limitations of this Capricorn limiting time will either suit you or prove a huge hindrance to you. Either way, you will have strong emotions about it. Capricorn can bring order and structure to anything, so maybe this is a great time to explore your inner feelings – in whatever way they are going right now – and build for yourself a practical foundation that will allow you to express them more constructively.   


SAGITTARIUS: If you reflect the true nature of the Sagittarian spirit – that is, a “don’t tie me down” attitude, and a restlessness for new experiences and horizons – then these limiting Capricorn times will be extremely frustrating for you. However, if you are not able to fully express yourself right now, either mentally or physically, use the time to plan out your future adventures if you cannot fully implement them right now. Inner journeys can be just as rewarding as out ones by the way. So, maybe a little self-reflection and inner discovery is a perfect outlet for you right now?


CAPRICORN: You should be in your element right now! We everyone feeling limited and unable to move around and do what they want, it is a perfect time for the prudent planners to step in and show them the way to a better life. I’m sure you’ve found it a fruitful time for thinking through future endeavors and exploring the kind of new structures to implement in your own life for a better and more successful future? Well, why not help others explore that too, patiently sharing your methods and disciplined approaches with them, so they may find more order in their live too. You might even profit from it if you plan it wisely!


AQUARIUS: There’s a bit of an idealist and independent spirit about you that is no-doubt finding the current Capricorn limitations hard to accept. As the same time, you can see the big changes going on and so, for you, all change is good. You’re not content to go with the herd however, feeling strongly within you the need for individualized personal expression. But going with the flow right now does position you to help others learn from their limitations and perhaps discover, like you, that each of us is an individual, who needs to think and take responsibility for their actions. In that sense, perhaps you can embrace the change and find your own long-term goals in amongst the disciplines we all share.


PISCES: You’re certainly one for escaping the realities of the world in the creative dreams of your imagination. Consequently, the limitations of a Capricorn world right now must be tough to endure. However, see it as a wonderful opportunity to let your creative energies flourish. Like planting a seed in the cold, hard soil of winter, this is a great opportunity for you planting your own seeds of creativity and imagination than can flourish when the time of a fuller expression of movement and achievement can blossom and bloom. Dream on, dream – dream on. Your imaginings can be like the oil that is applied to a worn-out, rusty and long-neglected machine! 

  • February 04th / Mars in Capricorn sextile Jupiter in Pisces: This could be a time of great and positive career energy, or perhaps an opportunity for working for a loftier and long-term cause or purpose.
  • February 04th / Sun in Aquarius conjunct Saturn in Aquarius:  A great “community” day possibly, where you think more in a social context, rather than a personal one. Could be a day to strike out more independently however or stand with those who do that for themselves.
  • February 08th / Mars in Capricorn trine Uranus in Taurus: Working hard at building firm foundations are a good opportunity here. Could be a moment of great physical indulgence too – although if it is, perhaps it might also be advisable to initiate a long-term exercise plan as well!
  • February 11th / Mercury in Capricorn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn:  Could be a day where thoughts and words might shock. Therefore, think out what you say carefully and base everything you say or think on sure foundations of reality that won’t rock the boat quite as much.
  • February 15th / Sun in Aquarius semi-sextile Pluto in Capricorn:  Certainly, an opportunity to strike out on your own, or in support of someone else’s independence I would suggest. Perhaps a chance of ruffling a few feathers along the way, too?
  • February 16th / Venus in Capricorn conjunct Mars in Capricorn:  Passions of all kinds could be aroused here, although the most constructive use of this energy might be to plan, long-term, with someone you love – or start to work long-term for something you love, creative or otherwise.
  • February 21st / Mercury in Aquarius semi-square Neptune in Pisces:  A time to think and dream outside the box maybe? Perhaps your thoughts at this time may be somewhat otherworldly, spiritual or in some way escaping from the realities of those heavy Capricorn (and possibly limiting) energies that are hitting us all right now!
  • February 23rd:  Mars in Capricorn sextile Neptune in Pisces:  Maybe a good day to act upon those big thoughts you had on the 21st? “Building towards a dream” in some practical way could well be indicated here.
  • February 24th / Mercury in Aquarius sextile Chiron in Aries +February 24th / Venus in Capricorn sextile Neptune in Pisces + Mercury in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus:  It could be a big day for all kinds of powerful thoughts and affections right now! Maybe thoughts of the past or your childhood experiences could surface here. Maybe someone from the past emerges into your life or dominates your thoughts and communications today? Certainly, a good day for counseling – yourself or others – on what the “true You” is all about, and how others in the past have maybe affected that. Old thoughts and deeds coming home to roost perhaps?
Startoonz by Tony White

NOTE: Whereas it’s popularly believed that astrologers assert that all people of the same Sign of the Zodiac will experience the same things, it is not so.

When we are born our Birth Chart shows specific sensitive points that are unique to us and us alone. Consequently, when the planets move through the Zodiac on a regular basis, they can trigger those sensitive points for us – which of course means that not everyone in a Sign is affected in the same way at the same time.

Therefore, it pays us all to know our personal Birth Charts well!

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