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Naz Lashgari new Lynnwood Planning Commissioner

Naz Lashgari

LYNNWOOD, Wash., March 2, 2022 – At Lynnwood’s City Council meeting Monday, February 28, Naz Lashgari was named the city’s newest Planning Commissioner to work alongside Rebecca Samy, Chris Eck, Aaron Lum, Adam Segalla, Patrick Robinson, Layla Bush, Bob Larsen, and Council Liaison Patrick Decker, whom Lashgari ran against for Council Position 2 last year.  […]

Cascadia Art Museum: The Art of Maria Frank Abrams

abrams art

Maria Frank Abrams (1924-2013) was one of Seattle’s most accomplished artists. Born in Hungary, she survived the Holocaust and came to the United States in 1948 to attend the University of Washington School of Art. After graduation, she began a highly successful career that would include numerous group and solo exhibitions. Abrams’ art is a triumph […]

Boeing suspends operations in Russia, major titanium supplier in crosshairs

boeing russia

EVERETT, Wash. March 2, 2022 – Governor Jay Inslee announced on Monday, February 28, that state entities are to identify and sever ties with Russian institutions. Boeing is certainly not part of the state government — the company also relocated their headquarters to Chicago in 2001 — but the aerospace giant still remains a major […]

Carmen Best shares the importance of wisdom, perseverance, and togetherness

Carmen Best

Carmen Best shares what it is like to be “Black in Blue” in her 2021 bestselling book that is available on Amazon and at local booksellers. The retired Seattle Police Chief tells her story of navigating racism and discrimination early in her career and dealing with civil unrest as a police chief during BLM demonstrations […]

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