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April 11: Upcoming Mukilteo City Council Special Meeting

MUKILTEO, Wash., April 9, 2022 – For its 6 p.m. Monday, April 11 SPECIAL BUSINESS MEETING, the Mukilteo City Council will vote/discuss the items listed below.

To review the agenda items in detail, click here.

2024 Stormwater Comprehensive Plan Contract (AB22-052)

Council MOTION to authorize the mayor to sign the Consultant Agreement between the City of Mukilteo and AltaTerra in the amount of $530,000 for completion of the 2024 Stormwater Comprehensive Plan.

Council initiated Docket Items (AB22-058)

City Council to identify specific comprehensive plan map or comprehensive plan text amendments, if any, for an upcoming 2022 preliminary docket public hearing, if necessary. Given current staff vacancies, any new Council initiated docket items should address a clear need and be balanced against affected Community Development and other department workloads.

Resolution Promoting Religious Freedom (AB22-063 & RES22-05)

Councilmember Khan proposes the City Council approve a resolution promoting religious freedom and supporting the choice of religious garb. The resolution intends to do the following:

Section 1. Residents shall have the right and freedom to pray as they see fit, and to build places of worship in accordance with the law.
Section 2. Each resident shall have the right and freedom to wear religious head coverings as they choose, and the City welcomes people regardless of whether or not they wear religious head coverings.

Waterfront Promenade – Project Status (AB22-062)

City Council to hear update and ask questions.

ILA between city of Everett and City of Mukilteo regarding Mukilteo Lane (AB22-065)

As a joint project with the City of Everett, the east end of Mukilteo Lane will be evaluated to determine the nature and costs of repairs necessary to stabilize the roadway. This project is to be jointly funded by the City of Everett and City of Mukilteo, with each agency contributing $50,000 for a total project budget of $100,000. Everett will take the lead on administering the contract.

Waste Water Treatment Plant Erosion Repair (AB22-047)

Council discussion about the Big Gulch Erosion Repair Task order, with action scheduled for 04/18/2022.

61st Place W. Culvert Improvement Update (AB22-059)

Project update and discussion.

Mukilteo City Council meeting Time and Location

This meeting will be held both in-person and electronically by Zoom. The Public can attend the meeting in person or watch the meeting live, 6 p.m. March 21 via Zoom using the link below:

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