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Op-Ed: Our government officials too often lack sincerity

Many of our elected officials pay lip service decrying “gun violence” and either pledge to do something about it or blame another branch of government. Every session in Olympia the legislature trots out another round of gun control measures aimed at reducing “gun violence.”

Have you noticed a marked reduction in violent crime, including crimes committed with guns?

One of the reasons you likely haven’t is because the government is good at passing laws, but usually horrible about enforcing them. For example, in late February a convicted felon was arrested in Lynnwood for possessing a stolen handgun, among other violations (SCSO #2022-00010833). That suspect was released from custody and to date no charges have been filed. There are dozens, if not hundreds more examples.

If our elected officials don’t take gun laws seriously, why would criminals?

The permissive environment our elected officials currently foster, enable tragic situations like the murder of Everett PD Officer Rocha at the hands of a convicted felon.

It is past time for the alignment of officials’ words and their actions. Instead of happy talk and patting themselves on the back for passing new laws, I propose we rigorously enforce the laws we already have on the books to keep Law Enforcement and our communities safe.

Brett Rogers, Lake Stevens

Brett Rogers is a Republican candidate for Snohomish County Prosecuting Attorney

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