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Upcoming Marysville City Council meeting for May 9

The Marysville City Council will hold a REGULAR BUSINESS MEETING on Monday, May 5, 2022, starting at 7 p.m. This meeting will be held both VIRTUALLY and in IN-PERSON at Marysville City Hall. Anyone wishing to provide written or verbal public comment, must pre-register at this link www.marysvillewa.gov/remotepubliccomment before noon on the day of the meeting.

To watch and listen to the upcoming meeting without providing public comment Join Zoom Meeting at https://zoom.us/j/92977133971.

View the full council agenda packet, click here which includes consent agenda items.

Community Business Zone land use regulations

The council will consider Planning Commission’s recommendation related to the Community Business Zone land use regulations. Staff has received several development inquiries related to exclusive multifamily development within the Community Business (CB) zone and inquires with minimal commercial uses proposed. The CB zone currently requires a vertical mix of uses with commercial uses on the ground level with multifamily uses permitted above ground level commercial uses.

The development inquiries within the CB zone appear to be different from the original vision for this area.

Four alternatives were considered by the Planning Commission during a workshop session on April 12, 2022, as follows:

  1. Alternative 1: Maintain the existing code.
  2. Alternative 2: Remove multifamily uses as a permitted use in the CB zone.
  3. Alternative 3: Reduce the permitted multifamily density in the CB zone.
  4. Alternative 4: Reduce the max height of mixed use buildings in the CB Zone.
  5. Alternative 5: Rezone one or all parcels in the CB zone

The majority of the Planning Commission recommended Alternative 1, to maintain the existing code. Alternative 5 was added after discussions during the May 2 workshop with the City Council.

To view the full agenda item, click here.

Contract Award – 2022 Citywide Road Re-Striping

Authorize the Mayor to sign and execute the 2022 Citywide Road Re-Striping Project contract with Specialized pavement markings, LLC in the amount of $147,638.36 and approve a management reserve of $14,763.84 for a total allocation of $162,402.20.

To view the full agenda item, click here.

Marysville City Council Consent Agenda Items

  • Approval of the April 13, 2022, claims in the Amount of $1,743,758.57 Paid by EFT Transactions and Check Numbers 154760 through 154913 with Check Number 154336 Voided
  • Approval of the April 20, 2022, claims in the Amount of $697,401.67 Paid by EFT Transactions and Check Numbers 154914 through 155022
  • Consider Approving the Water and Wastewater Contractor Agreement with Snohomish County Human Services Department

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