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BREAKING: Lynnwood City Council launches investigation into one of its own

LYNNWOOD, Wash., May 10, 2022 – After an executive session that included the City’s attorney on Monday, the Lynnwood City Council voted unanimously, 6-0, to launch an investigation into allegations of inappropriate conduct by a councilmember.

“I move to authorize the City to initiate an investigation of allegations of inappropriate conduct of a councilmember,” President George Hurst motioned that was seconded by Councilwoman Julieta Altamirano-Crosby. Councilwoman Shirley Sutton did not attend Monday’s meeting.

It is unknown how the allegations were brought to the City’s attention, if it involves a sitting or former councilmember, and if it is of a criminal nature. The Lynnwood Times is awaiting a response from the City as to the timeframe of the investigation and the possible next steps if the allegations are found to be credible.

“What is discussed in Executive Session may not be discussed in public,” Mayor Christine Frizzell shared with all councilmembers in response to an email inquiry by the Lynnwood Times to prevent a violation of confidentiality and/or to inadvertently compromise the active investigation.

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