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Port of Everett and Mukilteo adopt vision and guidelines for Waterfront

EVERETT, Wash., July 12, 2022 – The Port of Everett Commission and the Mukilteo City Council have unanimously adopted a unified vision and set of guiding principles for the redevelopment of the Mukilteo waterfront after an extensive public outreach process.

The approved Vision Statement reads: Mukilteo’s waterfront is a welcoming and convenient gathering place. It provides a year-round mix of uses that promotes culture, recreation and entertainment. It offers easy access to the beach, businesses and wonders of the Salish Sea.

The approved Guiding Principles are:

  • Authentically Mukilteo
  • Pedestrian Friendly
  • Year-Round Destination
  • Environmentally Responsible & Sustainably Minded
  • Celebrates Culture
  • Thoughtful Parking
  • Education Focused
  • Transportation & Maritime Hub
  • Boating & Shoreline Access

Each guiding principle includes a description to inform any future planning and development.

Future waterfront development should align with the adopted vision statement and guiding principles. It is the intent of the Mukilteo City Council that the City’s Waterfront Master Plan be incorporated in the future planning process.

The next step is for the City and Port to develop a memorandum of understanding to determine how a partnership would work going forward. If approved, the Port would ask its contractor, NBBJ, to start putting pen to paper and establish a path forward to bring these community-vetted vision and guiding principles to life.

Leadership Reaction

“I am excited about working together with the Port and other stakeholders on moving the waterfront development forward. I’m thrilled about the possibilities,” said Mukilteo Mayor Joe Marine.

“The adoption of a unified vision of the City and the Port is the first of many actions that will be required to successfully develop the waterfront in a way that is in keeping of the guidance of this action,” said Port of Everett Commissioner Tom Stiger. “I believe we are stronger when we work together, and we both have special resources and skills to bring to the table to get this development on the right path.”

“I want to thank the stakeholders and the Port of Everett for putting this study together, and I’d also like to thank those who participated in the surveys,” said Mukilteo City Council President Steve Schmalz. “The community feedback that helped to craft the vision and guiding principles do strengthen our Waterfront Master Plan, which is our guideline for waterfront development. We look forward to working with the Port on this in the future.”

“I’m really happy with all the input that we got from the citizens of Mukilteo and surrounding communities,” said Mukilteo City Council Member and Waterfront Stakeholder Workgroup Representative Tom Jordal. “It was great to see the City Council approve the vision statement and guiding principles, which everyone gave input into. I’m really looking forward to the City and the Port of Everett working together to actualize the vision and guiding principles and create a great new waterfront for the community.”

Project Background

In January 2022, the Port hired NBBJ, an architecture, planning and design firm, to begin initial planning, including data gathering and community engagement, to help inform the vision and future development planning. With 11 property owners over 26 acres, the waterfront needs a comprehensive development strategy to ensure a quality and accessible mix of uses at the waterfront. The study area stretches from Mukilteo’s Lighthouse Park to Edgewater Beach.

This effort was spurred by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration not moving forward with their new research station at the waterfront, and the property coming back to the Port.

A stakeholder workgroup was convened in February that represented a broad spectrum of interests and attractions in Mukilteo – from business, recreation and transportation, to history, tribes, culture and education. Their assignment was to help frame up a draft vision and a draft set of guiding principles to go out to the public for feedback.

The Port, in partnership with the City of Mukilteo, in May launched an online survey, sent a direct mailer to thousands of residents and hosted a well-attended community open house on May 5. More than 225 people attended the event at Rosehill Community Center and provided over 280 comments. More than 850 comments were received in total throughout the outreach process, and the stakeholder group helped modify the draft vision and guiding principles to incorporate the feedback. All Mukilteo City Council members were given the opportunity for an individual interview by the architect as part of this process.

Learn more about the project and see the vision statement and guiding principles at

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