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Port of Everett acquires Mukilteo Landing parcel for $3.5 million

MUKILTEO, Wash., August 11, 2022 – The Port of Everett Commission has authorized the strategic property acquisition of the former Mukilteo ferry terminal holding lanes to preserve the property for the future redevelopment of the Mukilteo waterfront.

The Port is purchasing the 0.89 acres, located across from Ivar’s at 707 Front Street, from Mukilteo Landing LLC to ensure the site’s optimal development potential strikes a balance with the community’s desires for the future of the waterfront.

mukilteo landing
The 0.89-acre parcel of land purchased by the Port of Everett in front of Ivar’s in Mukilteo, Washington. Source: Mario Lotmore/Lynnwood Times.

“Mukilteo Landing LLC is pleased that the Port of Everett had the vision to incorporate the property as a significant and strategic piece of the developing Mukilteo Waterfront Plan,” said Patrick McCourt with Mukilteo Landing LLC. 

In June, a unified vision and set of guiding principles for the redevelopment of the Mukilteo waterfront was approved by the Port and City after extensive public outreach. The next step is to determine a partnership agreement to allow the planning process to move forward. The planning area stretches from Lighthouse Park to Edgewater Beach.  

“This acquisition is consistent with the unified vision for the waterfront adopted by the Port Commission and Mukilteo City Council,” Port Commissioner Tom Stiger said. “This is certainly a step in the right direction. The community will be well-served as the Port works with the City of Mukilteo to redevelop the waterfront.”

The Port is buying the property for $3.5 million. It will pay $1.5 million at closing and the remaining $2 million over a 10-year period. The sale of the property is slated to close on Sept. 2.

As part of the purchase and sale agreement, Mukilteo Landing will perform sealcoating, striping and landscaping at the site to support a temporary parking lot to meet waterfront user needs as the planning process evolves. A total of 99 parking spaces are expected to open shortly to the public.

mukilteo landing
The area marked in green identifies the 0.89-acre parcel of land purchased by the Port of Everett. Picture courtesy of Port of Everett.

“This interim parking solution is merely a tool to get people access to the waterfront until a plan can be developed, approved and constructed,” Port of Everett CEO Lisa Lefeber said. “The Port has been, and continues to be, committed to ensuring the Mukilteo waterfront is a vibrant community asset.”

The site used to be leased by Washington State Ferries for the ferry holding lanes until the new ferry terminal opened in 2020.

“I’m looking forward to this continued partnership with the Port to realize our vision for the waterfront,” Mukilteo Mayor Joe Marine said. “I’d also like to thank the Council for approving the ordinance that allowed the Port to move forward with the acquisition. It’s only by working together that we’ll achieve tangible results on the waterfront.”

Other Mukilteo Waterfront News

  • The Port continues to make improvements at the parklet next to Ivar’s. The project is being done in phases as the supply chain allows. This has become a great viewing point for the recent increased activity of gray whales in the Salish Sea.
  • NOAA, which decided not to move forward with their new research center in Mukilteo, has issued their contract for the demolition work at their former research station. The work is expected to be underway within the next few weeks. The transfer timeline to the Port hasn’t been determined.

Learn more about the Mukilteo waterfront redevelopment project at www.portofeverett.com/mukilteo.

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