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Marysville Detectives arrest suspect in cold case homicide

MARYSVILLE, Wash., November 29, 2022—On Monday, November 28, Marysville Police Department detectives arrest 52-year-old Jeffrey Paul Premo, a Renton man, in the cold case connection with the 1998 murder of then-19-year-old Jennifer Brinkman.

marysville cold case
Marysville cold case homicide suspect, Jeffrey Paul Premo.

“Solving this case has been at the top of the priority list of the Marysville Police Department for the past 24+ years,” stated Police Chief, Erik Scairpon.  “We never gave up or put this on a shelf.  It was continuously being investigated, with the belief that we would one day be able to bring some level of closure for the family and justice for Jennifer.”

This arrest is the culmination of countless hours of investigation by multiple detectives over the past 24 years.  The arrested suspect was one of several individuals detectives focused on through the years, and ultimately, with the advancement of scientific DNA technology, including genetic genealogy, led to his arrest. 

In late March of 1998, the father of Jennifer Brinkman had returned home from a vacation to California and discovered her deceased in the home.  Ms. Brinkman, who was originally planning on going on the trip made the decision to stay behind and remain at the family home, located in the 1900 block of Grove St.

Autopsy results would indicate Ms. Brinkman had been struck in the neck with an axe.  The axe was left at the scene of the murder.

Ms. Brinkman was known to spend a lot of time walking around Marysville, particularly the area from her house to State Ave.  She was extremely friendly and would easily strike up a conversation with strangers.  The victim also spent a considerable amount of time on telephone dating and chat lines, as well as local library computers.  Detectives believe this is how she originally came to know the suspect.

The suspect has been living and working in the east Puget Sound area prior to Ms. Brinkman’s murder. 

The suspect was booked into the Snohomish County Jail for 1st Degree Murder.

Content Source: Marysville Police Press Release

Editor’s Note: Added the presser video at 4 p.m., November 29, 2022

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