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Public Hearing Notice: Proposed Lynnwood opioid treatment program

Washington State Department of Health (DOH) asking for public input

Lynnwood Comprehensive Treatment Center proposes establishing an opioid treatment program at 2322 196th SW Street, Lynnwood, Washington 98036.

To view the presentation, click here.

The department will hold a virtual public hearing on December 29, 2022, at 4:30 p.m., to provide an opportunity for the public to comment on the proposed program as part of the licensing process required by state law. This is not an educational event or question-and-answer session. This hearing is free and open to the public.

In response to the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) public health emergency, the department will not provide a physical location for this hearing to promote social distancing and the safety of the citizens of Washington State. Instead, the department will hold a virtual public hearing, without a physical meeting space.

This public hearing will be held by webinar. Those who cannot attend the webinar can submit comments using one of the options below.

When: December 29, 4:30 p.m.
Webinar registration and login:

Call in option: +1 (631) 992-3221
If you wish to speak during the workshop, you will need to log in, not just call in, so we can unmute you. Audio access code: 851-377-046

Lynnwood opioid treatment
Google Maps: Location of proposed opioid treatment program in Lynnwood (red marker).

Members of the public who wish to speak at the hearing will be limited to 3 minutes each. We encourage written comments. They must be submitted during the hearing or received by DOH by email, mail, or voicemail by 5 p.m., December 29, 2022.

For those who do not wish to comment during the webinar, you may send comments to:

Mailing address

  • Department of Health Facilities Program, PO Box 47852 Olympia, WA 98504-7852

Email address


  • 360-236-2992

DOH is committed to providing the public with information in appropriate alternate languages or formats. Requests for accommodations can be made by calling 800-525-0127 or emailing TTY users dial 711.

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UPDATES: 5:11 p.m. December 28, 2022: Added a copy of the presentation

16 thoughts on “Public Hearing Notice: Proposed Lynnwood opioid treatment program

  • building around this location introduced huge crime threat to the nearby neighbors. let along we have child center here. Please find another location to construct this location.

  • Horrible idea and location! As a near neighbor I am strongly against it! And I agree, build it next to the police station if you wish.

  • I strongly oppose the choice of this location!!!!

    below I quote from one of the opponents that I know

    The main reasons are listed below:

    * Lack of transparency in communicating this proposal. There was no public knowledge shared to Lynnwood City Council and residents at all – People only found out about this proposal at the last minute, before many people had started their holiday vacations. The City Council only became aware of this proposal on the last day of the year’s session, and the hearing was held on December 29, just two days before New Year’s Eve. It is difficult to believe that these dates were not deliberately chosen in order to decrease public exposure and rush things through.

    * Lack of information and data about the impact on the neighborhood near the proposed site. There was no information shared about, why the facility needs to move from Bothell to Lynnwood, how was the address chosen, what are other alternatives considered, and what criteria/quantitative analyses have been evaluated in this process. There was no data shared with the public.

    * Lack of consideration for neighborhood safety, especially for young kids. The site is across the street from Lynnwood Boys and Girls club and Alderwood Little League, where kids and families visit daily for after-school clubs, sports games, summer camps, practices, etc. It is a frequently visited place for many Lynnwood young families. It’s irresponsible to build an addiction facility this close to a kids’ club. Not to mention, there is also an elementary school nearby. I searched the Bothell site address and tried to look for Bothell’s historical crime rates but couldn’t find detailed data. However, a recent study in Philadelphia has concluded that between 2007 and 2017, at nine locations, the Methadone clinics in PA lead to an increase in violent crime (7% increase) and drug crime (31% increase) within 200m of a facility. The data further indicates that within 11 years, the immediate vicinity of continuously opening facilities saw a long-term 19% increase in assaults. In the Lynnwood case, the Lynnwood Boys and Girls club is well within the 200m range of the proposed site, highly subject to any potential crimes that would be introduced by people visiting this facility.

    * The site is right on the borderline between Lynnwood and Snohomish County. People have expressed concern about this because this will directly impact Lynnwood city’s ability to protect its residents and nearby Lynnwood residents who just happen to live near the city border.

    Right next to Why don’t you build it next to the head of DOH’s house?

  • Will you please include the website address where the response comments from DOH will be included when you provide a follow up report? I’m not sure the one I found online is correct.

  • How about near community health and the police department . I bet there is room at the convention center. Leave our neighborhood alone!!!.

  • This is a horrible location, next to the boys and girls club??? Come on man, who thought that was a good idea?
    Now, I get why they’re not having the ” meeting “in person..
    Lynnwood you can do better.

  • Our community is highly opposed to this being placed next to a Boys and Girls club. While we can respect the need for a recovery center. Placing children next to a center is unsafe, harmful, and ridiculous. You are bringing people with addiction, and it has been proven with this it will bring the same people trying to keep them addicted. There is a play area less than 100 feet from the clinic. If their patient’s relapse, do you think they will care where needles are left? Please protect our children and our community. This cannot be allowed.

    • AGREED 100%
      Seems not much or ANY thought even went into this!! The lack of common sense here is scary!!!

  • This should be built in the neighborhood of whoever proposed it. Please do not put it in our neighborhood!

    Get the words out!

    • Seriously!


  • We need to get the word out in the schools before it becomes a problem in people’s lives. Addiction and Homicide by fentanyl poisoning can’t be stopped . When our youth our givin the information and tools they need to make better decisions about taking something they have no idea of what it can do. My son had no history of taking fentanyl someone he knew on Instagram delivered him a fake oxicoden. It was pure fentanyl my son passed away this August 7th 2022. He was only 17 my baby. Homicide by fentanyl poisoning. This was me and my son worst day of our lives. It was his last and my beginning to a never ending fight for my son’s rights! 😤

    • In my case Donna my son is well aware of what he is taking and all the risks involved there in. My son’s active addiction began at age 17 and now 18 years later he has continued in active and progressive addiction ever since. The “failure to Launch” that has been a heart wrenching process for me as a mother to watch is not only heartbreaking but also a waste of the potential of my bright and well educated only child whose entire young adult life was used not in becoming “upwardly mobile” but instead has resulted in “petty crimes and mental illness as well as malnutrition, I’ll health and a complete and utter lack of understanding what an adult life with a growing maturity and sense of self worth and accomplishment is about. He has in my opinion no awareness of what he has missed, the fact that rather than being a contributor in society he is in fact a threat to not only himself and others but also a detriment to society itself. Furthermore his lack of experience in a trade or the self discipline it takes to be an independent citizen who is self supporting and a healthy contributing member of society. At best He believes he is not only self supporting and a contributor to the society he is in each and every day as the days all begin and end the same way for years upon years now, all waking moments spent in doing whatever it takes to get that medicine he is self medicating with to keep from getting sick and instead to “get well” so that he can make it through another day on this earth as an addict and a slave to a substance which by choice knowingly or not (in the beginning) he chose to take and then continued to be involved with. Now after this much time in active addiction he has told me that he “likes his lifestyle”. Do I believe him when he says that? NO! And YES! Inasmuch as this is the only lifestyle he has ever known and I believe he is truly utterly unaware that this “lifestyle” he has chosen is in truth (as it is in MY OWN PERSONAL OPINION) a suicide in the making and a completely needless waste of what was at one time (very long ago) a promising future to a bright and sensitive caring young man who could have been and should have been a self confident mentally stable, physically capable and gifted, talented up and coming contributor who would have been able to make a difference as a young adult member of society and put his energies and thoughtful foresight to good use realizing the impending epidemic plaguing not only our children and his peers but also plaguing adults as well as very young children, professionals (in all walks of life) and been a useful happy contributing as well as an accomplished member of society and been “PROUD” of himself and his purposeful
      contributions and his accomplishments with a sense of pride rather than telling himself and myself that he “likes” his “lifestyle” and that he understands our differences there in and so… I don’t see him or hear from him. I never know if he’s “okay” or “alive” or “dead”. His young son never heard from or sees him and is being parented by a different “father figure” as well as a different “grandparent” (in my place) which truly I am exceedingly thankful and great full for I might add. The devestating effects that the “opioid epidemic” is introducing within our society is very evident and “all encompassing” and I believe it will be the utter downfall of this “great nation” if it is not taken very seriously and not addressed fully and soon, like NOW! The “war against drugs” is not only REAL, the “struggle” is also REAL! That being said, an entire “LIFE RECOVERY” program is needed for all struggling members touched by this very REaL WaR. Not only opioid dependency but rather any and all DEPENDENCIES which have occurred in any and all AMErICAN lives due to whatever was lacking on an individual basis within individual lives. The time is NOW! The place is EVeRyWHeRE. The wages of war is death. It does not discriminate so age, wealth, location, etc… Are “beside the point” really. The affects are far reaching the devastation is boundless. Let’s get more than opioid dependency facilitated!

    • Omg Donna, I am so saddened to read this. I’m a single mother of a (just turned) 17yr old myself & I am heart broken for you😔 I can’t imagine the pain/ devastation you’ve endured.. I am sincerely so sorry to see this & pray for you. Thank you so much for sharing such personal trauma & posting for awareness for other parents & families etc.. Seriously.. May god bless you & your heart🙏💔❤️

  • Please do not construct it here


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