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Letter-to-the-Editor: Join rally against opioid treatment center at City Hall

Thank you for your excellent article about this story – this article is so thorough and contains so much information that should have been shared with the public by the WA DOH. Thank you so much for shining light on this and let the public know what has been going on with this shady plan to rush everything through. 

I am a resident who lives really close to this address and I also commented in the public hearing on 12/29. I have a group of concerned friends who live nearby and we are calling on the public to join a rally in front of City Hall tomorrow, January 3, 2023, just before 6 p.m. to oppose this plan.

We are mostly Chinese moms who live nearby and are connected through Wechat. Many of us didn’t even know each other before this incident. We have about 20 people signed up currently to show up tomorrow and encouraging more people to join us.

Lynnwood residents should have a say on this matter (and it should not happen after the fact that this renovation has already been completed in the first place).

People can email us to get involved. We are also reaching out to nearby retailers, including the Boys & Girls club, and nearby neighborhoods.

Our top concern is obviously the safety concern with this clinic being close to the Boys and Girls Club (there’s also an elementary school within a few miles). Besides this we have so many concerns about how we are caught in this situation in the first place.

Many people including myself were caught off guard on this because of the holiday season and also more importantly because they don’t even share any information with us residents before it’s almost scheduled to open within a month!

We have so many questions regarding this whole process, and we want to get answers from Lynnwood city. Is this a done deal? Why is it a done deal without any public disclosure and scrutiny? What procedure is there to protect the residents, especially our young kids?

Is there nothing the city of Lynnwood can do at this time to oppose this plan? What is the city’s plan to accommodate this if it opens by the end of January? What is the safety measure??

So many questions need to be answered.


Concerned Lynnwood resident,

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