Third time is a charm! Marysville School levy passing

SNOHOMISH COUNTY, Wash., February 14, 2023—After two unsuccessful attempts for the Marysville School District, it appears from initial results that voters agreed to approve an approximately $107 million replacement levy. Last year’s similar levies in Marysville garnered 40.7% approval in February and 45.8% approval in April. Tuesday’s 53% approval is a huge win for newly appointed Superintendent Zachary Robbins and his staff.

Arlington’s Transportation benefit District was overwhelmingly renewed by voters with a super majority of 69%. Voters also overwhelmingly approved two additional commissioners to the Board of Commissioners of Snohomish Regional Fire and Rescue.

City of Arlington Transportation Benefit District

Renewal of Sales and Use Tax Levy for Transportation Improvement Program

The Governing Board of the Transportation Benefit District of the City of Arlington, Washington, adopted Resolution No. 2022-019 concerning a sales and use tax to finance transportation improvements. This proposition would authorize the renewal and continued imposition of a sales and use tax of two-tenths of one percent (0.2%) to be collected within the District in accordance with RCW 82.14.0455 for a term of ten years for the purpose of paying or financing a portion of the costs of transportation improvement projects identified in the City of Arlington Transportation Improvement Program, sidewalk and street repair and improvements, and model connectivity projects.

Should this proposition be renewed?CountPercentage
Results as of February 14, 2023. SOURCE: Snohomish County Auditor.

Marysville School District No. 25 Proposition 1

Reinstatement Educational Programs and Operations Levy

The Board of Directors of Marysville School District No. 25 adopted Resolution No. 2023-02 concerning a reinstated levy for educational funding. This proposition
would authorize the District to levy the following taxes to fund vital educational programs and operations that are not funded by the state and to replace an expired levy on taxable property within the District:

Levy Rate/$1,000
Assessed Value

subject to legal limits on levy amounts and rates at the time of the levy.

Should this proposition be approved?CountPercentage
Results as of February 14, 2023. SOURCE: Snohomish County Auditor.

Snohomish Regional Fire and Rescue Proposition 1

Increase Size of Board of Commissioners from Five to Seven Positions

Shall the Board of Commissioners of Snohomish Regional Fire and
Rescue be increased from five (5) positions to seven (7) positions?
Results as of February 14, 2023. SOURCE: Snohomish County Auditor.

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