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Sultan High School Broadcast Club receives Democracy in Action Award

SNOHOMISH COUNTY, Wash., February 27, 2023—The Snohomish County League of Women Voters Board selected the Sultan High School Broadcast Club, under supervision of David Moon, Technology Director, for the 2023 Democracy in Action Award.

The Snohomish County League of Women Voters awarded the club their Democracy In Action Award on February 25, 2023. (L to R) Alec Howe, Brandi Forseth, and Technology Director David Moon.

Mr. Moon and selected students from the club—Alec Howe, Brandi Forseth, and Skylar Penner—were honored at the League’s birthday luncheon on Saturday, February 25, in Mill Creek. This award is presented annually to an individual or group in Snohomish County that promotes voters’ rights and/or enhances democracy in some way. Awards in other years have acknowledged recipients’ services as elected officials, promoting citizenship development, or promoting issues consistent with the League’s positions.

The Snohomish County Candidate Forum Team faced challenges for the 2022 midterm elections resulting from partisanship, redistricting issues, and a fundamental questioning of our election process. The Team wanted to offer forums via Zoom, along with a never-before offered live-streaming component. Voters could watch and learn about candidates in real time and/or choose to link to forum videos and podcasts at viewer-selected times.

The Sultan High School Broadcast Club provided the League with professional quality introductory graphics and music for each live-stream forum and was responsible for integrating Zoom, live stream, and local TV and radio broadcasting. Because the technical issues were handled expertly by the Sultan High students, the Candidate Forum Team was able to concentrate on the forum content, moderation, and overall flow.

These young adults are helping to forge what our democracy will look like when we incorporate powerful technologies, youthful energy, beliefs, and ideas into our ever-evolving democracy. Together we can make a huge difference in our politics, our communities, and our country. It is a great honor for The League of Women Voters of Snohomish County to give this award.

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