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Letter-to-Editor: IAFF Local 2694 encourages voters to approve levy lid lift

Dear Editor,

Snohomish County Fire District 4 firefighters want to thank the Board of Fire Commissioners for placing a fire levy lid lift on the August Primary Election ballot.

The lid lift would fund eight firefighters over six years to provide both a fire engine and medic unit in service at the same time. (Currently, we can staff just one or the other.)

Secondly, our fire stations require upgrades and/or replacement. The lid lift would build a fire station on Pine Avenue and replace one other as funding allows. These projects will improve emergency response times and firefighter health and safety.

The lid lift would allow these improvements to be made with cash as opposed to voter-approved debt. This means our taxpayers save money by not having interest payments.

There is discussion about a possible merger with a neighboring agency. Mergers are voter-approved, take time and, as such, are not guaranteed. We must be able to fund operations and capital needs independent of that proposal. Financial independence through the lid lift allows us to carefully evaluate all options and seek the best one for the community.

Thank you,

Your Snohomish Firefighters

IAFF Local 2694

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