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Lynnwood Police deploy GPS-based pursuit technology, a first in Snohomish County

Lynnwood PD uses StarChase | Lynnwood Police Department

LYNNWOOD, Wash., June 28, 2023—The Lynnwood Police Department (LPD) started using a new GPS-based pursuit technology called StarChase in April of 2023, to address the countless vehicles that frequently flee from officers.

Lynnwood Patrol Officers are often restricted from pursuing because of the crime, circumstances, or because a pursuit may create too much danger for the public. This technology gives LPD a resource to avoid pursuing – while still affording them the ability to track and apprehend the suspect.

StarChase GPS-based pursuit technology used by the Lynnwood Police Department.

StarChase is a system currently mounted on numerous department patrol cars. Trained officers use the system to deploy an adhesive GPS device onto the back of a fleeing suspect vehicle. That device comes out of an air canister mounted on the front of the patrol car and attaches to the eluding vehicle. Once attached to the suspect’s vehicle, officers use real-time GPS technology to track the vehicle safely at a distance. The technology empowers our officers with a tool that allows a controlled safe capture while keeping our officers and community safer.

Since April of 2023, StarChase has been used dozens of times on vehicles fleeing from officers and crime scenes, according to LPD. Officers have also used it to apprehend numerous suspects, and recovered thousands of dollars in stolen property, as well as stolen vehicles.

SOURCE: Lynnwood Police Department

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