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Letter-to-Editor: Lynnwood residents rally behind Sheriff Adam Fortney

Safe Lynnwood endorses Adam Fortney for Snohomish County Sheriff Re-Election

On a cloudy morning at Veterans Park in Lynnwood, Sheriff Adam Fortney took the time to listen to several residents sharing their thoughts on the pressing issue of public safety. The atmosphere was solemn but hopeful, as people candidly discussed their worries and observations.

A Tale of Two Counties

One resident highlighted the drastic differences in crime and public safety policies between Snohomish County, where Lynnwood is located, and neighboring King County, where Seattle is the main city. For her, the perceived increase in crime and decline in public safety in downtown Seattle over the past few years had been concerning enough to influence her decision on where to live. “I am grateful to live in Lynnwood, Snohomish County; my city hasn’t become like that,” she said.

The Changing Landscape

Another resident, who has lived in Lynnwood for almost 30 years, expressed that the decline in neighborhood safety is palpable. “Doors to many adjacent stores are now closed early. Even toys in stores are now locked up; things have changed,” he shared. He also mentioned that places he used to visit comfortably with his children are now drug-infested areas, which keeps him and his family away.

The Stress on Families

The common thread among all the discussions was how public safety, or the lack thereof, impacts families. Parents worry about exposing their children to unsafe public spaces, be it parks or even just the local grocery store. “The stress this puts on a family is real,” commented one.

The Safety of Asian American Communities

In light of recent crimes against the Asian American community, one resident emphasized the importance of law and order for Asian Americans. “Public safety is vital, especially for any activities targeting the Asian community, particularly small business owners,” she stated.

The Role of Law Enforcement

All the residents seemed to agree that police play a critical role in maintaining community safety. One resident stated, “I believe the police stepping up to protect the Asian American community is crucial for our sense of security.”. “Make crime illegal again, so that our streets will be safer” Another residents added. Cutbacks on police funding and reduced law enforcement were cited as worrying trends. “This is unimaginable in my home culture,”.

As residents spoke, their message was clear: public safety isn’t just a line item on a budget or a campaign slogan; it’s a daily concern affecting the lives of real people. 

Policing has never been easy, yet recent times have been particularly challenging for those serving in law enforcement. Sheriff Fortney has adeptly managed legislative hurdles, staffing obstacles, negative public sentiment. and unapologetically advocated for law and order in the Snohomish county. While many leaders might have struggled with such complexities, Fortney has excelled. He’s skillfully balanced difficult circumstances, public demands, and workforce morale, all while maintaining openness and fostering a relationship between the police and the community. Guided by no ulterior motives, he’s genuinely committed to doing what’s beneficial for the community.

Sheriff Adam Fortney has been on the front lines of this work, and he has the knowledge, skills, and leadership qualities needed to continue working towards solutions that make our cities safe.  

We are proud to advocate for his re-election for another term as your Sheriff of Snohomish County.

By, SafeLynnwood

DISCLAIMER: The views and comments expressed are those of the writer and not necessarily those of the Lynnwood Times nor any of its affiliates.

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