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Rainbow City Performing Arts appoints Damien Hall as Executive Director

SEATTLE, Wash., October 31, 2023—After twenty-five years as a volunteer-operated association, Rainbow City Performing Arts has a cause for celebration with the hiring of Damien Hall as its first Executive Director. As Riley McCormack, RCPA’s interim President of the Board of Directors, said: “Damien has been a tremendous advocate and leader in making the governing structural changes needed to move RCPA toward the future.” Now, with Damien in an equitably paid leadership role RCPA’s Strategic Plan will flourish.

The Rainbow City Performing Arts (RCPA) orchestrates a comprehensive strategy that harmonizes creativity, purpose, and growth. RCPA’s recent Strategic Plan aims to reorganize leadership to provide more stability for all stakeholders, more support for members, and more equity for staff and volunteers.

In RCPA’s organizational structure, the Executive Director position sits right below the Board and has the responsibility as the head of all Staff. RCPA’s Executive Director position is still part-time, due to financial constraints. Damien manages the Staff, many of whom are volunteers, while also focusing the Board on decisions about policies, fundraising, and budget. He is more than ready for this challenge given Damien’s 10 years of volunteerism, including holding the roles of Director of Operations, Director of Membership, Librarian, Percussion Section Leader, and President.

From 2022-2023, Damien was operating as the President and sole authority for both operational and artistic decisions, and the return from the pandemic shutdown created an opportunity to rebuild and evolve the organization with a central vision. To name just a few, he:

  • Doubled pre-pandemic revenue in his first year of leadership;
  • Welcomed 150+ members per quarter across seven different performing ensembles;
  • Focused DEIAB in policymaking by creating a Director of DEI role on the board; and
  • Established a Pride week performance event to support partner nonprofits and musicians in partnership with Seattle Center.

Damien is well-positioned to implement RCPA’s mission that focuses on creating inclusive musical spaces and promoting LGBTQIA+ equity and visibility. Looking to the 2023-2024 season, RCPA’s Strategic Goals include:

  • Intentionally planning an impactful events calendar to meet the mission, goals, and to present modern and vibrant artistic experiences;
  • Focusing organization branding and evolving relationships with leaders, donors, funders, nonprofits, and advisors;
  • Expanding marketing infrastructure and earning revenue streams;
  • Reorganizing leadership to provide more stability for all stakeholders, support for members, and equity for staff and volunteers; and
  • Improving services for members and mature policies to increase diversity and inclusion.

Ultimately, this Strategic Plan alongside RCPA’s mission upholds and reflects a key value: to be the most inclusive home for musicians to engage LGBTQIA+ communities and to have continual impact on musical and artistic diversity in Seattle.

About Rainbow City Performing Arts (RCPA)

Rainbow City Performing Arts is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing education and performance opportunities for LGBTQIA+ individuals and allies in the Seattle area. RCPA’s diverse ensembles and chamber groups actively participate in community events and pride festivals throughout the year as well as producing their own events to uplift LGBTQIA+ people. The organization’s mission is to foster diversity, inclusion, and artistic expression, creating a welcoming space for musicians and performers from all walks of life. Discover more about RCPA at

SOURCE: Rainbow City Performing Arts

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